Blocking : bugs
Looks like blocks don't work on group postings. see as an example:
If someone sends a last message then immediately blocks you, you receive the notification of the message but not the block. If you click the notification it never resolves in showing you the last message.
A tag should be added to the last reply to a person that you block stating at this point a block was applied. That'll prevent Commies from posting something like - - "oh yeah provide proof I bet you won't/can't" - then applying a block.

If you search for a blocked user currently you don't see anything. Instead you should see the account but be unable to open it and receive a message you have been blocked.

If you send a message to someone then block them you should get a popup stating that the recipient won't see the last message you just sent.

I just made a test account to see if accounts from the same IP could circumvent a block and they can. Care might be needed in IP blocking so as not to block other family members on the same IP.

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Every time I upload a graphic it says create an album. Could there be a facility where we could choose to upload to an existing album? It would save duplicate albums. Also there is no facility to just add graphics to existing albums without sharing them. Just suggestions.

On a different topic, it would be good if there was a way we could search for contacts from MeWe, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Great work to all involved in creating the site. It is nice to have somewhere which also has facilities for blogs and articles

Is the upload feature for the video page working? I tried several times but I couldn't make it work. I was able to successfully import several videos from youtube.

Good morning and Merry Christmas to all! I have noticed that other platforms such as FB Google and MSN are doing what they do, blocking content or access from Canund from time to time. This is probably because they consider Canund an upcoming potential threat to their globalist agendas. Things such as sending Canund info directly to the junk folder in your mail is happening, even with settings set not to do that. I suggest that all Canund members, staff and management take the appropriate steps to ensuring connections through outside portholes are secure...... before jumping to anger or frustration towards Canund. I am not management here, just a member trying to help out.


If you have a problem this is what this group is for.