Some police acquaintences recently told me wearing a mask and covid is bullshit, it's all a scam and political and they get stuck in the middle to enforce things they know are bullshit

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QAnon people you need to get your head out of the clouds believing in far fetched conspiracy theories from people yanking your chain, I have seen no proof of any of these bogus theories in general except for global economic slavery perpetrated by the Rothschilds, IMF etc that is factual and they admitted it publicly but these other far off tin foil hat ideas have to stop, there is no Santa Claus or Easter bunny, focus instead on real political issues and our leftist and centrist enemies.


We are a true Nationalist Patriot organization that want to preserve our heritage,culture and traditional values by reforms to reflect our true Canadian core identity. A moratorium on all immigration,stopping third world immigration,a new immigration policy for a return to Canada's traditional ethnic demographics of Euro-Canadian pioneer settlers and Natives. Real equal rights,eliminating affirmative action,discrimination against Euro-Canadians and an end to minority group special privileges.