Good luck to Atalante in court Feb.
Nothing illegal about protesting the leftist media and making fun of them for all the damage they do and lies they spread!

Salut Atalante! Nous vous souhaitons bonne chance!]Vice Media raid: Concept of peaceful protest at risk, defence says | Montreal Gazette


The Helping Hands of Charis a new Nationalist
based charity named after the Greek goddesses of charity, The Charities or Charis in singular to give a helping hand to Euro-Canadians in need especially around the Christmas/Yule holiday season. A fund to help our fellow people with food, hydro bills, gas bills, gas for or car repairs, Christmas presents, phone bill, helping former political prisoners with housing and getting set up and settled by the Helping Hands of Charis, year round! Contact me.

Calls for U of A lecturer and Marxist-Leninist Party candidate to be fired for denying the Holodomor Holocaust, Communists starving 10 million Ukrainians to death.

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  • We are a true Nationalist Patriot organization that want to preserve our heritage,culture and traditional values by reforms to reflect our true Canadian core identity. A moratorium on all immigration,stopping third world immigration,a new immigration policy for a return to Canada's traditional ethnic demographics of Euro-Canadian pioneer settlers and Natives. Real equal rights,eliminating affirmative action,discrimination against Euro-Canadians and an end to minority group special privileges.