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The Queen had this documentary banned and locked in a vault since 1969 and somehow got leaked 2 days ago...

I'm thinking the higher ups in the UK are yurning for a return of the British Empire and a proper world order once again. I think the constitutional monarchy laws should be revised to allow the monarchy to have more of a say in governance as they did for almost 1000 years, a return to pre-ww2 governance.



Some police acquaintences recently told me wearing a mask and covid is bullshit, it's all a scam and political and they get stuck in the middle to enforce things they know are bullshit


We are a true Nationalist Patriot organization that want to preserve our heritage,culture and traditional values by reforms to reflect our true Canadian core identity. A moratorium on all immigration,stopping third world immigration,a new immigration policy for a return to Canada's traditional ethnic demographics of Euro-Canadian pioneer settlers and Natives. Real equal rights,eliminating affirmative action,discrimination against Euro-Canadians and an end to minority group special privileges.