Media are reporting Erin O’Toole is planning his own carbon tax even though he signed a pledge to scrap the carbon tax.

O’Toole himself has confirmed it’s true. If he becomes prime minister, he’ll break his promise to repeal the carbon tax. He says he’ll lower it, but instead of sending out cash rebates, he’ll set up accounts where the carbon tax gets deposited and let Canadians use that money to buy so-called green products.

This is NOT what O’Toole said while he was running for leader. He signed the Canadian Taxpayers Federation Pledge to scrap the carbon tax. Here’s what it said: “If elected prime minister of Canada, I will immediately repeal the Trudeau carbon tax and reject any future national carbon tax or cap-and-trade scheme.”

Let’s be clear. O’Toole made a promise to scrap the carbon tax. His new policy would break that promise. When someone is breaking a promise, you have to hold them accountable.

Sure, he’s promising it will be a lower carbon tax, but how can you trust that when he’s about to break his first promise on carbon taxes? Plus, the O’Toole carbon tax is arguably worse than the Trudeau carbon tax, because it’s going to be expensive and bureaucratic to set up and force you to spend it on so-called green items the government dictates you can buy.

Will you join thousands of other Canadian Taxpayers Federation supporters to tell O’Toole what you think?

Please phone Erin O’Toole’s office NOW: 613-992-2792

O’Toole’s phone lines are going to get flooded. If you don’t get through today, keep trying. We need to send a clear message that it would be wrong for O’Toole to break his pledge to scrap the carbon tax.

Thanks for taking a stand – we can make a difference together.

Franco, Todd, Shannon and the Canadian Taxpayers Federation team

PS: When politicians are breaking a promise, lighting up their phone lines is one of the strongest ways to send a message. But it’s not the only way. If you want send letters and emails as well, you can get all of his contact information at this LINK.

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Introduce Recall Legislation in Ontario

To Premier Doug Ford:

When politicians break the public trust, voters shouldn’t have to wait until the next election to remove them.

Alberta and British Columbia have both implemented recall legislation that gives voters the right to trigger byelections when politicians misbehave.

We, the undersigned, call on Premier Ford to introduce recall legislation in Ontario.

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