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Dave DeLisle, married for almost 15 years has a blended family that includes 6 adult children and one grandchild, is just an average person who understands the day to day struggles we all face, especially when the costs of everything keeps going up, He understands what it is like to have to sacrifice. He is not part of the 1%. He is outspoken, believes in Freedom of Expression (Free Speech), and is not afraid to speak his mind. Born on November 21, 1962 in Windsor, Ontario. Dave has worked in blue collar jobs. He worked his way up to management positions. After having some health issues, he moved to Smooth Rock Falls 2 ½ years ago where he is an avid Outdoorsman. The beauty and uniqueness of Northern Ontario speaks to him. Having 2 adult children that also moved to the North and do not drive, he understands that there needs to be some type of transportation between communities so that people are connected, He understands that we need to bring in business to the region so tha