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Is Now the Time ‘To Do What We’re Told’?

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COUP CONTINUES: VINDMAN [Schiff's ‘witness’ in impeachment investigation] TRIED TO ALTER the President's CALL TRANSCRIPT, but (((he))) FAILED 😆

(((Vindman))), a member of the National Security Council, testified in (((Schiff’s))) kangaroo court in the basement of the Capitol Building.

Several things became APPARENT:

1) NSC members are NOT supposed to wear their uniforms (the theatrical presence)

2) Schiff shut down ANY Republican questions, ONLY allowing Democrats to question the witness

3) Vindman ADMITTED attempting to alter the President’s transcript of the Ukraine call but was UNSUCCESSFUL in TWO cases

4) Vindman ADMITTED attempting to share the President’s CLASSIFIED call to other operatives. https://news.unclesamsmisguide....dchildren.com/coup-c


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