Top U.S. General Colludes With Chinese Government

True World News - Top Headlines for Sept 13,2021.
We Are Less Safe Twenty Years After 9-11.

Man Killed In ‘Freak Accident’ At McDonald’s Drive-Thru Window.

Pentagon denounces North Korea’s reported long-range missile launch, vows to protect regional allies.

Remember 9/12.

Israel on alert on border with Lebanon over infiltration attempt.

CNN Sees a Racist Future Full of Nonwhite White Supremacists.

Iran calls for disarmament, expulsion of opposition groups in Kurdistan Region during PM Kadhimi visit

China Is Trying To Control Rising Semi Prices By Fining Auto Chip Manufacturers

Czech Republic might have to destroy 45,000 AstraZeneca doses as demand for the jab nosedives – media

PM's call to action: We want everyone vaccinated

Yes, We Should Help Our Afghan Allies, But Closer To Their Home

Auckland to remain under coronavirus lockdown for another week as cases keep rising in New Zealand.

The $1.5b hit: Hotels count the cost, make plea to Govt

A Day to Remember…Terrorists Never to Forget

City Soon to Be Without a Single Officer After Every Member of Police Force Hits Mayor with 'Unexpected' News



The mayor claimed to be stunned by the resignation of the entire force, but other officials said this is part of a broader issue.

125 Villagers Massacred in Ethiopia’s Amhara: Doctors
At least 125 villagers were massacred in Ethiopia's Amhara region earlier this month.

Al-Hasakah | Unknown assailants target US military base with rockets

Incredibly Accurate Houthi Mortars Filmed By Drone

Iranian artillery bombards Erbil countryside; no causalities: Official... Drones were circling overhead during the bombardments, according to eyewitnesses in the area.

Renewed airstrikes | Russian jets attack town hosts Turkish observation post in…

Second round of airstrikes on “de-escalation zone” | Russian jets strike Jabal al-Akrad frontlines
On Sep 9, 2021 SOHR sources have reported that Russian fighter jets renewed their airstrikes on the “de-escalation zone”, targeting al-Khudur frontline in Jabal al-Akrad in northern Latakia, along with flights by Russian reconnaissance drones over the southern countryside of Idlib and north Latakia countryside.


US Army Demonstrates Stryker-Mounted Laser-Weapon System. The US Army completed the “combat shoot-off” (CSO) of its first high-energy laser weapon prototype, manufacturer KBR revealed.

India Approves $3 Billion Purchase of Military Transport Aircraft

US Marine Corps Acquires First MQ-9A ‘Reaper’

Why war and corruption are inseparable

Pentagon Test-Fires Anti-Ship Missile From Unmanned Vessel
The US Department of Defense announced a missile launch from the unmanned surface vessel Ranger in a milestone test.

US flags honoring troops killed in Kabul airport blast shredded, California cops say

Please Pray
Father God, we pray this daily prayer in your name Lord. We come together united as we pray for our soldiers overseas who are out there defending the world's freedoms. right to remain a free people under your protection. Lord, in your name we pray your mighty shields will protect our soldiers as they risk their own lives fighting to protect and defend our right to have the right to live and have the freedom. Lord bless our soldiers on the frontlines defending The United States of America and all our allies and nations, right to remain a Free nation in your name Jesus Christ we all pray Amen


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