In my time I’ve watched a lot of dystopian television show, movies and I’ve read a lot of dystopian novels. With the recent Christchurch shooting and the Utrecht terror attack, the media has tried and succeeded in creating a narrative that details how we should give up our rights and should fear our own family members.

When watching shows like the Japanese anime called Pyscho-pass you’d think these futures are impossible, but the opposite is true. We see this in state-run media like the NOS in the Netherlands refusing to acknowledge that these terrorists are of a different culture to ours. Even though I despise the NZ attacks on the Christchurch mosque, I think we should look at the bigger picture here. Mayor news outlets condemned the entire Caucasian race following this attack whilst ignoring the link between the Islamic terrorists throughout the world.

Personally I despise these so called news outlets trying to justify their own racism as caring for the victims of a terror attack, but I do think the facts have been distorted by every side of the political spectrum. For instance when police stations in the US tried to acquire the live-stream footage of the Christchurch shooting, they were met by absolute censorship from places like the New Zealand police. The various social media networks are afraid people in the new political realm are going to relate to the attacker, so the logical option is to restrict access to anything that doesn’t support their narrative.

For the people that didn’t get my sarcasm in the last paragraph, I don’t think it’s necessary to restrict the flow of information by censoring websites like the free-speech website 4chan. We may be a society that can’t trust our media anymore, a society that has to question anyone who tells us to do anything, a society that has grown increasingly distanced from our own morals, we still know that censorship will only encourage these youngsters to seek out this type of media. The left-wing politicians in Europe have told us for so long that it’s wrong to be different, but really it’s not. We are all different and at the same time that makes us similar.

Looking at novels like animal farm and 1984 by the great Orwell, we see a similarity to our own society: The restriction of the free flow of information and the propaganda machine that tells us to believe something different every day. First people were against uncontrolled immigration, now we as a whole should be in favor. The communists in our societies were viewed as weird and non-thinking idiots, and now it’s the mainstream. Just like the pigs in animal farm, we as a society just make some animal noises resembling an international anthem.

“Four legs good, two legs baaaad” or as we say in our time: “Muslims goood, white man baaad”

The media outlets we consume on a daily basis are often influenced by some form of funding that can’t completely be traced back to an impartial source. With the current advertisement articles that dominate large media corporations we have trouble identifying fact from fiction.

I’d like to end this article by asking you this question; do you believe our system is impartial and do you believe we are truly free?