#BANPUBLICEDUCATION it brainwashing facility to turn people into idolters who worship the state for secularism is merely idoltry of state . i made a comment about this 'to Dan Man actually ( PUBLIC EDUCATION ) they have history of being used for ideological indoctrination therefore need to be banned and woman stay home and educate the children . for when ideologues want to impose a ideology they want political power to use public education to do it that is the whole point watch this video to learn about the history of public education

atheist are using state violence to brainwash kids the facts are not on your side The Rwandan school turning boys into feminists program canda mao red gurads hitler youth . hmm that is funny you got a problem parent so called ' brainwashing ' when it is in reality teaching there children but do not have problem with with l atheist use state inisisution to brainwash kids like it germany or sweden where they do not allow homeschool you atheist really are cult like secondly minarchist still means idoltry your cultist . last atheist is a relgion a belif sysmtem my relgion is christianity which is the truth but atheist are insane here is the evidence this here proves that a naturalist creation narrative is false also evoution is false genetic entrophyt you people are delusional atheist are defining nothing like richard dawkins or the pseudoscience of atheists mr a pastor anderson idot scientists showing the delusion of atheist scientist '

anyway we need to return to biblical view on relationship between men and woman i made a comment about this a while ago '. woman are to submit to the authority (obey to hear and do his commands ) of there husband and men love ( authoirty and resonsiblity over her ) your wife for cooperation between men and woman occurs when they respect each others role a man has authority and resposnbility for te woman the woman obeys her husbands commands she does as she is told .anyway this cooperation and both mutally benfit from this but when you try to make woman and men equal in which both are fundementally unqeual it turns to oppressers oppressed realationship a realtionship of competition from serving each other to serving yourself and either the man or the woman will be oppressed .if the man has resposniblity and not authority she is oppressing him and him oppresd if he authority but no responsbilityty he is oppresing her . that is why equality between men and woman is satanic because it is toxic producing a realationship from cooperation to competition and one lives richly while the other suffers but both are miserable . that is why LORD GOD serperated himself from us at the garden because if he remained he would remanin in a toxic relationship and he rremoved himself for he will not be oppressed or opress so we were seprated and because LORD GOD