Our science assumes that life started a long time ago and after many eons developed intelligence, understanding, and self-awareness. Some scientists even believe that only humans are capable of thought – every other animal is completely controlled by instinct. This view seems to be contrary to many observations we can make everyday. Maybe intelligence started when life started. Maybe life started in a place where “when” is meaningless. Then I can never say when I began, but I can explore this strange place. If there is a place with no time, maybe there are other places with times that are not our time – different times for different places. Maybe our entire universe is just our little bubble of time.

The process from germ line to baby is complex and long, taking a generation from the establishment of a germ line to a new adult. Double strands of DNA have to be split and packaged into sperms or eggs, then at conception, the single strands have to be recombined into double strands. These double strands are then split many times into multiple double strands until we have an adult with a few trillion cells.

Our science likes to describe this whole process in exquisite detail, but they have no idea about what controls the details of these procedures. If they address this at all, they say cells act automatically, that each of millions of steps is, to use a computer term, programmed. A religious scientist might say God did the programming.

You can build a different scenario if you consider each cell a small quantum computer, self aware, and wanting to carry out its important task. Even if this wild speculation is accurate, the cell would not have enough information. It would have to be part of a neural network where “spooky action at a distance” is possible. It would have to have tentacles into Never Never Land where the potential for everything, including instructions for life, have always and forever will, reside.

Maybe you find this speculation absurd, or interesting, or both. We should remember to look for support bleeding through to our world. We should also remember that we are looking for fresh ideas about Never Never Land.

When we speak of genetics, leaving out many details, we can say that a cell decides it needs a protein, searches a chromosome for the needed code, then builds the protein. This takes time – how could you do something similar in Never Never Land where there is no time?

What if certain genes in Never Never Land code for time particles. The genes that are related to our universe gives us our time. Other genes may give other universes their times. This is similar to what happens in human cells – all genes are there, but one group may be active in a liver cell, while another group is active in a heart cell.

Time in other universes may be different than the time in our universe in ways we can't image, but all times could have properties in common – all based on timeless genes. A common property that I can image, and the one I would like to explore more, is what I call the Magic Now. It holds the universe and us tightly in its grip – we can not go back ten seconds or ahead ten years. We are here, Now.


I have a theory. I have a theory that I hope can be supported by observations of nature, the nature we see around us. Speaking of observations, this theory is based on two observations. First, Man discovered quantum physics about ninety years ago. We can say that Man has had about a century to figure out quantum physics, to know enough to be able to build practical devices like computers. Second, Life has existed on Earth for 1500 million years. This is 15 million times as long as Man has known about quantum physics.

I have a theory. I have a theory that Life discovered quantum physics long before Man existed. Life discovered that quantum physics could help its creatures survive, that quantum physics made thinking and being self aware possible, and creatures with this trait had a better chance of survival than whatever creatures had come before.


There are interesting theories about why we need sleep, but even the experts agree that these are only theories. Research does show that astrocytes, which are star shaped glial cells, change during sleep and allow more Cerebrospinal fluid to flow through the brain, removing waste products.

Now we need to speculate on why we sleep. The simple answer is Life discovered sometime in the last 1500 million years that many creatures could better survive and pass on their genes if they were self aware and could make intelligent decisions about how to respond to new, unexpected challenges. Sleep is part of the process needed to support self awareness and intelligence.To give a more specific answer to why we sleep, we need to speculate on what the more than 100 billion quantum computers (which are also known as neurons and glial cells) that make up the human brain are doing while we sleep. This speculation will hopefully not contradict the details the experts have reported and may encourage the experts to undertake new experiments.

To me, when one asks, as quantum physics does, what does it means to be here or there, and especially when one makes, as quantum physics does, life and death nebulous, you are leaving the world of science and approaching the world of philosophy.

If quantum physics hadn't shown the philosophical nature of science, I don't think I would have seen the evidence that is everywhere, that wood bees and every other creature around us has a mind and, probably, a unique worldview.

The bee brain is made up of about one million neurons. The human brain is made up of about 100 billion neurons (about 100,000 times as many as are in the bee brain) and many more neuroglia (or glial cells) which serve to support and protect the neurons. When I first read this, it made me wonder what they meant by “protect”. Were there a bunch of little terrorist cells running around shooting neurons?

When we have a group of neurons as in the human brain, we are back to the subject of neural networks. We need to consider the many different combinations of "excited" neurons that are possible, whether these neurons are in bee or man. I would like to have this discussion, in part, because of the current belief that our memories, thoughts, and even our being self aware, is a product of neural networks. What I say will also apply if it is later discovered that glial cells play a greater part than we now think. I don't know if bee brains contain something like glial cells (bug scientists may know), but it doesn't really matter. In fact, what I say would apply if it is discovered (by whatever scientists that studies really, really small things) that large groups of “similar molecules within behaving in a neural network like manner. Such a discovery might support a theory that individual cells could be self aware.

** NOTE: Since I wrote the above, I have become aware of a video that indicate individual cells can think. In this video, a bacterium flees in panic from danger (a white blood cell) while other bacteria hide behind red blood cells.


Is there somewhere a proper expert with the proper equipment to monitor the movement of molecules or even atoms in a living cell? If he exists now or sometime in the future, he needs to be aware of my thoughts.