Good day. I am Martin Smith, Canund's Security Director, I am here again with some commentary, and this time I will type a bit about one of the more silly conspiracy theories we have, Flat Earth Theory. Most of you have heard of these 'Flat Earther' people already I assume.

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Round, spherical Earth, as we are now conventionally taught. The notion of the Earth being round goes all the way back to Aristotle observing galleys disappearing over the horizon in the distance.

Everything from modern science, to many people's day-to-day routines if they regularly travel, easily and quickly proves the earth is spherical. It's pretty Simple Simon to me...

What disappointed me here was not the fact they attempted this, but how many people were apparently fooled by it all. Anyone who is aware of time zones or why flight paths are as they are, already know better. We have been flying around since the beginning of the 20'th century, and still we can apparently trick people with nonsense like 'Flat Earth'.

Anyone who has been in Canada's military knows better by being even somewhat aware of the DEW line we had in operation under NORAD during the Cold War. If the earth was indeed flat, the placement of the DEW line makes no sense, unless you are assuming Santa Claus was about to go Defcon 5 on all the naughty children...

Joking aside, the silliness of it all is remarkable.

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 (above) Dallas, Tex to/from flight paths servicing various Asian cities.

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NORAD's DEW Line, positioned along Canada's North.

There are many people who are already wary of what is in the news these days, and IMO, it has become precisely what we were warned against by great minds of the past. It has become a homogenised and partisan mess, and I think it is a good thing people are wary in fact. When items like this 'Flat Earth' garbage emerge however, I also cannot escape thinking it might be a deliberate red herring meant to distract people from more important matters happening in the world.

I hope this Flat Earth nonsense gets put to bed sooner than later, but as a security director, the scope of this is mildly disturbing. Am I to assume everyone I work with now could potentially be distracted, and fall for such nonsense? The notion can be amusing, but nonetheless disappointing. I wish everyone safety while using Canund, but I cannot help but remark on the potential security concerns of our gullible masses...