Questions unanswered Forever. I believe Deep Thinking can reveal the answers. I believe I have found the answers. My “A Book Like No Other” offers proof.

I am proud to report that Woven Tale Press – #woventalepress – a well known literary journal, published one of my stories.

Several people have offered me advice and I appreciate that they have reached out. Selena Silvestro has made a number of helpful comments and I would like to include one here:

Kudos on writing this!!! I’m going through some parts and scanning it. It’s quite an undertaking for sure! I know you’ve poured hours into it, and it’s a fascinating (and monumental!) effort! The trick is finding the right title, description (your post above helps boil it down!) You’ve tackled biology, physics, assumptions about mankind and so much more. I will only say that you are 100% correct in finding the right people who will be your target market. Appeal to those people. You are not trying to be all things to all people. Ever. You are unique, a deep thinker, someone who examines life, and welcomes discussion. This makes me think of the meeting houses of past eras where issues were discussed, debated and much examined. I just finished reading The Other Einstein about his first wife. It’s an interesting historical fiction piece! The way Einstein, his colleagues and his wife discussed physics and came up with new theories … this makes me think of YOU!

It may also help you understand why my book is so different and revolutionary if I list some of the questions the book addresses:

1. What does #polio have to do with the fear of clown?

2. What makes our #worldview and how is it changed?

3. Why does no one know who invented the wheel & what can we do about this travesty?

4. Can we prove #God Exists?

5. Why do the rules keep changing?

6. Can anyone really write #sciencefiction if #quantumphysics is true?

7. What are Squishy Systems and why are they so insidious?

8. Where and When did we begin?

9. Can we ever use the word ‘imaginary’?

10. What can an imaginary smart ant, after a good nights’ sleep, tell us about time?

11. How can a salesman most effectively overcome objections?

12. How did a Dirty Rotten Nazi upset my #applecart?

13. Why are we like the ‘man in the middle’, perched precariously, halfway between the very large and the very small?

14. Where is my foot?

15. How deeply can we think about time, space and size?

16. How is everything connected from bees to politics?

17. Why does time pass quickly when we are old and slowly when we are young?

My Book is about Everything. One chapter is devoted to politics and how we form our opinions. The whole book is devoted to showing how politics and everything else in our lives is connected.

I like philosophy and want to answer the big questions like what is reality and what is the secret of happiness – which may be “ignorance is bliss” – but I like to think – very deeply. I want to be noticed – in a good way. Writing is a way to be noticed.

My writing must be interesting and I think it is. I try to include deep analytical thinking about everything, using many analogies to come up with unique thoughts. A lot of this is based on my science background, but also business experience, and the challenges of being retired.

I am always looking for hidden assumptions that everybody believes are true and then asking what if they are not. Everyone says, for example, that you should write about what you know – but I have to appeal to those people who are not like me, so I have to imagine their challenges and emphasize what is important to them.

My book is not just about what I write, but why I write, and why I came to want to write. It is about how everything is connected from the neural networks in our brains to stars on the other side of the universe.My goals are to use deep thoughts to discover universal truths about reality, OBSERVE THE UNIVERSE TO VERIFY THESE TRUTHS (I know of no other writer who has done this while questioning the validity of current scientific dogma), and finally, perhaps selfishly, make sure I receive credit for these thoughts. Ironically, I have little respect for most experts, but need to find the proper experts to make practical use of my thoughts. Again, this is part of the design of this book.