the mirror efect

I know that all that we see is what we have become. Few people are aware that their inner world is reflected in their reality. Humanity is very sick and in a collective psychosis there is no world outside of our selves.Hard to believe because duality appears to be so real! It is a mirage.your 5 senses. Maybe very usefull to function in the phsysical reality? But, believing that what we perceive with the 5 sense is the only thing real is like fog on the lense of perception that is blinding us from which is real consciousness!.The world is as real as its unreal. It depends in which matrix we are dwelling and connecting. The ones who are connected to the the matrix of nature perceive our city and most of it's citizens as hologram projection of the mass accidental society. When we connect with the non physical? We start to see in which illusion the human race are being kept in. We need to start to loose interest in the material and physical universe! Become connected with the immortal that does not age. In which resides spirit becomes form. Greater reality is found and greater ability discovered.when we try to communicate with the human spirit in the collective psychosis! We could be tagged as delusional and sick when in fact we live in a higher state of consciousness. than our mass media promotes. Too many negative events, which activate the law of service. We focus on is what we create. This tends to make the mass live in a hostile and corrupt environement..Most people live according to the media and false beliefs. They are hooked to mind control programming of their subconscious that makes them age physically. They become sick and die without having truly lived a single day of their life..When we have the subconscious belief of the masses that is programmed by a secret elite we are slaves. We may not notice our slavery cause the way of life is. The only one we have learned and it appears normal to us..Think the economic capitalists appear logical to most people? When in truth its a cancer for the planet and its creation of the logics of consumerism can only be logic on a earth with unlimited natural resources. It is not the case.when the mass live in the trance state of consciousness super imposed by the secret elite and their illuminati puppets. They are subconsciously manifesting the total destruction of the earth and its inhabitants. No natural or man made disaster is from coincidence! What happend on earth is first created in the non physical universe. The super matrix of thoughts? Nothing not even natural disasters can happen with out being created by the thoughts imagination and emotion of the human race. We are the supreme creator gods! It is the love substance.we are created out of. Our true reality! But, because we are mostly unaware of it. Inconsistent creative power and our ability to affect the 5 element!? Our reality is created by force that uses our global consciousness power to create a reality that is only good for them! .Most people believe the material and physical universe is solid. Science has proven it is only made solid by the vibration and perception of the observer. Matter is only light and energy condensed under slow vibration. When we change our perception? And the frequency in which we vibrate? Then structure of the matter starts to modify and miracles become possible. Every real.every situation in which we find ourselves:can teach us about our subconscious beliefs. Hardship often contains the greatest opportunity!.Everything is us! We appear many, but we are only dealing with the different version of ourselves! ALL One! All the time be kind to all. Edited. Providence Freedom.