Neuroplasticity works on the basis of neurological connections in the brain that are made when we have certain thoughts. The more these thoughts we have the stronger the connection gets. As these connections get stronger a thought path starts to form. The more you expand that thought path the harder it is to get out. This is because the physical mind (our body) knows it better that our conscious mind. At this point you have to totally re-condition your mind to achieve any long lasting meaningful change. This is because previous connections that were already made are easier to reconnect and restrengthen. This problem is what causes us to slip back into bad habits so easily while the progress was so hard to achieve.
Due to this function of our brain it takes a long time to make progress but will take far less time to loose that progress. This causes people to give up and not have to repeat and try to make that progress back. The only way to effectively get past this obstacle is to make small changes slowly. These small changes will allow you to make progress with as little problems as possible. If we start to change too much at once then chances are those changes will not last long. This is because in order to create new connections and strengthen them takes a lot of focus. It can take up to 3 months to change a behavior depending on how long the behavior is used. Until the new connection you made are strong enough they will take majority of your focus. Every time you start going down that wrong thought path you must have the self awareness to realize it and fix it as soon as possible. The further down that thought path we go the harder it is and the more help we need to fix it.

    The only way to fully retrain your mind it constant and consistent repitition. Negativity is essential to experience so we can learn how to deal with it. The key is to catch the negativity you are thinking about and change it before it becomes worse. Eventually the nature of your thoughts will start to change. The repetition is essential to build up your positive thoughts. In the beginning it may be a rough start depending on how strong you have made those connections in your brain. Even hanging around the wrong people and environments can undo the progress you make alarming rates. This is because the people and events that happen in our environment have a lot to do with the way we think. Keeping on top of your thoughts and how we let those thoughs thought grow make all the difference.

     You cant be too hard on yourself either when making these corrections because if you get not and stress yourself out your mind wont take to the change properly, and you will keep running into the same problem. When our brain is under stress it can not retain information or change how we think. Getting mad or frustrated will not do anything for you except make the situation worse. People expect these changes to happen in a quick manner but it is impossible to make these change efficient right away. You have to make the smaller changes first so the bigger are easier to make when you get there. These corrections need to be slowly made over time to make them effective. If you allow yourself to take to the changes you are implementing then you will start to see the changes taking their place. This time period is different for everybody. Some people will take to the changes within the recommended 60-90 day transition period, while some may take a year or 2 to get the same level of progress. Regardless with the right amount of time and effort the change in your thoughts you seek can happen. The main thing is that you allow for these small changes to happen and not fight them, the more you fight them the more you reinforce the old thought path and the changes you seek will get further away and harder to achieve.

   Bryan Boucher-Neuro Coach,                                                 Re-Condition Your Mind First!