Connections between Honey Bees, Elites of the Right and Left, POTUS, and the World.

When I was a child, I liked to study Bees. I had an Observation Hive with glass sides so I could watch the bees on their combs. I was not satisfied, however, just to watch. I also liked to experiment.

I placed some honey on a plate near the hive entrance.

The bees soon discovered the honey. After a while, a multitude of bees had gathered around the drops of sweet liquid, each one sipping happily.

The bees were not as happy when the honey was gone. They took to the air in mass, flying all over the yard. You could say they were just looking for more honey, but to me, the sound of their buzzing indicated they were enraged.

Does a bee know that she can only sting once and then she dies? All I know is bees are reluctant to sting, only doing so when the hive is in danger.

Do the bees think that the end of the age of free honey is a threat to their hive? 

If I had been braver, I would have walked around near hive in "normal times" and counted the number of times I was stung. Then I would have done the same thing when I thought they were mad. Would I have been stung more times?

After a time, the bees seemed to accept that there would be no more free honey and again acted normally.

Why do the actions of bees seem very much like the actions of humans - could it be that both do what we call thinking?

For many years, the Elites of the Right and Left bribed the rest of the world with "free honey" - honey that had been harvested by the worker bees in our society.

When POTUS said "No more", the rest of the world, especially our enemies, were enraged. They are full of "sound and fury, signifying nothing" They know we can destroy their hive.

Soon they will settle down, meet our just demand (No Nukes), and we will live in a safer world.

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