Canada as a Nation is broken. Our justice system is broken and our border system is broken. Our political system is broken.

We have no lever of accountability or recourse against crooked, lying politicians, until the next election and by then, the damage done can be severe.

Even when Liberal MP Raj Grewal is caught dead to rights, owing millions of dollars in gambling debts, to loan sharks, he stays on and gets paid as an MP. This is a man who was asking about how the police and other law-enforcement agencies handle money laundering.

Raj Grewal

If there was ever a case of something looking and smelling rotten, this is it. Someone paid millions in gambling debts for him. He sure has a very generous, yet to be named, friend.

Sadly it is only one of many issues that don't pass the smell test and cost lives.

The taxpayer debt our politicians are spending on themselves and a lavish life is sickening. They do this while claiming to be green and pure in thought and deed. They do this all while lying to us and trying to bully or shame us into silence, when we complain.

We should all be resolved to remove these leeches from office. Now contrast the gluttony and hypocrisy of our leaders with the average Canadian and the poor.

We have a staggering number of people living paycheck to paycheck across Canada, most on credit. Some borrow money every month to make ends meet. Many are looking after children or a parent or parents. Some have to look after both parents and children.

Tens of thousands now are living on the streets, in parks and in lane ways all across Canada. There are even more people couch surfing and living in vehicles. Tent cities abound and many are now living in the woods. All of this in numbers never before seen in Canada. The real numbers of homeless are impossible to count.

Tent city

Instead of building low cost rental suites or rooming homes, Governments offer our homeless free needles and a "safe injection" site and maybe a sleeping bag, once a year. Most are not addicted to anything. Most simply can't afford to live in the city as rents have tripled, but can't leave due to all kinds of reasons. Such as medical disability, caring for a loved one or simply no way to get anywhere that will be any different.

The odds of these Canadians getting back on their feet is staggeringly bad. Many become habituated to homelessness and simply being ignored and loathed. This is amplified when our Government openly encouraged in a tweet, for the poor in America to come to Canada, while bringing in 25,000 Syrian refugees. This was touted as noble and just because its humane and what Canada does.

Well the shelters are 50% full of refugees and migrants. So are we now importing homelessness? The answer is yes. We are also importing gangs, guns and crime.

Let's face it who wants to live in a shelter if a gang offers good cash, protection and all kinds of other perks, like places to crash and women. Many people, especially once hooked on drugs, are driven to make money quick. Other peoples lives become as expendable as their own. It is a live fast, die hard and take no prisoners mentality that is killing so many innocent people.

Sanctuary city Toronto had a terribly violent and deadly 2018. Mayor Tory says, "This is not Toronto", well it sure looks to be Toronto now. With no Federal will to stop irregular border crossings, how can it get better?

Another brutal reality in the war on Canadians is the opioid crisis and the baffling silence from our Federal Government, who won't call a National emergency.

10,500+ dead since Trudeau came to power in late 2015. These are record breaking numbers on a scale not seen in Canada. We have millions of people addicted to opioids and thousands dying every year. They are collateral damage to organized crime, who tries to maximize profits with deadly, yet super cheap fentanyl & carfentanil.

So many British Colombians have died that our average life expectancy is dropping for the first time in decades. Life has become super cheap.

This has taken a huge toll on the moral and physical health of our first responders and medical system. Our firefighters spend more time trying to give naloxone to all kinds of overdose victims, like a 16 year old girl that mistakenly look a pill that has fentanyl.

Our Federal Justice system has gone out of its way to stay charges against the cartels over and over again.

We are talking about 27,000 fentanyl pills in one bust and 40,000 fentanyl pills and 130kgs of cocaine in another, guns were also found.

We also had the money laundering operation, now pegged at $2 billion a year, busted. The Federal Justice System stayed all charges, as though the 10,500+ dead Canadians, did not matter.

I bet some of those deaths were flat out murder disguised as overdose. Fentanyl is a weapon, an assassin's tool and a WMD.

Faisal Hussain shot up the Danforth on July 22nd, 2018. This was not just an act of terror but also an act of racism. See Faisal did not shoot people who were of colour.

Instead he saved his bullets for white people. Faisal even spoke to one man of colour, assuring him he would not (and did not) shoot him. Instead he went further up the road to shoot white people coming out of a restaurant.

I do recognize that a couple of people who were shot, were not white, but it was reported that Faisal was yelling at them to get out of the way, so he could shoot the people behind them.

His brother, Fawd Hussain is in a state of coma from a suspected cocaine & carfentanyl overdose in 2017. I bring this up because it leads to a very disturbing reality.

Carfentanil is considered a chemical weapon (100x more toxic that fentanyl) and in a very small quantity, it is a weapon of mass destruction. It is considered such in the USA, Russia and China. We have now found out that this weapon of mass destruction was found in a suite, connected to terrorist, Faisal Hussain's brother.

"He once lived with his surety at a Pickering home, where police later found the largest haul of carfentanil in Canadian history as well as a huge collection of illegal firearms." (Quote from linked article).

Toronto Sun article.

Was his brother trying to build a weapon out of 42 kilograms of carfentanil? They had the guns and enough carfentanil to kill every Canadian 10x over. It is that deadly. How did they get it into Canada? How did it end up in a major city center? What was the target and how much more carfentanil is out on our streets?

Terror yet not called terror

People are dead on a massive scale and no one at the Federal level seems to take it seriously. Instead they buy the media off even more with hap hazard ads on "11 people are dying every day". They don't secure the border and they don't come out swinging at organized crime.

Now why is that?