Homeless Shelter need in Canada for the people struggling to stay warm.  There is a great need of help for our homeless people in the streets of Canada.  We need and we think we found one.

Homeless shelter solutions are easy and it's only a matter of people participating in the solution.  It is easy to implement and solve the crisis at hand.

picture here named your keyword which is homeless shelter

Homeless Shelter plan   <--h2 header

shelters can be simple or very expensive to build....  few lines paragraph

Homeless Shelters Construction  <---h3 header

Construction of shelters ..... paragraph or two


shelter <-- notice the italic word and link to a high authority domain.  Always use wikipedia but not the actual keyword.  In this case, I used part of the keyword which is shelter

Thank you for supporting our homeless shelter plan <  hilight your keyword again, bold and italic, attach a link to canund.com to it

Visit us a https://ccpinc.ca

insert up top 10 hashtags when they are support.

article should be at least 300 words


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