who are you ?

This a question for everybody.. as we must know this due to the world of commerce that we live /opperate in.

The Vatican runs all commerce under maritime law ( Holy Sea ) ~~and all interaction is in contract which are actually trusts but never revealed.

The easiest way to geta grounding in this is to watch a short cartoon video on the dreaded you-tube titled ''Strawman'' it is 6 minutes long and will give you an idea on how we are treated since birth and what are standing in the commercial society is.

Every piece of paper that comes through the letterbox is an offer ( contract is constructed through offer and acceptance ) Once we are aware of this we have more control over our affairs and how to avoid un-necessary problems through ignorance, as statute dictates ''ignorance of the Law is no excuse''.

more on this later after those interested have watched the video mentioned above.