At present, China's packaging industry is developing rapidly, especially in PET packaging. It is no stranger to mention Pet Bottle Preform. In our daily life, PET bottle preforms can be seen everywhere, for example, beverages, medicinal, Seasonings, etc. are all packaged using PET bottle preforms. PET bottle preforms have a strong competitive advantage in product selection and packaging materials. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
On the one hand, PET bottle preform raw material selection is tested and approved by the national quality certification body; on the other hand, from the material point of view, PET bottle preforms are mainly made of PET, and the PET bottle preforms produced are the most prominent. The characteristic is that it is light in weight and not afraid of falling. Therefore, PET bottle preforms are widely used in various fields due to their unique competitive advantages. For example, in the medical field, PET bottle preforms are the main pharmaceutical packaging equipment, especially solid or powder medicines, which are mostly in the form of PET bottle preform packaging, which not only ensures the safety of the medicine, but also greatly reduces the cost.

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