If we're going by how classic was, warriors were comparatively complex to play were nothing special. Rogue is were it's at Gold in WoW Classic but you'll fight with a great deal of people over equipment. Shaman is one of the classes that can do it all, including off-tank when that was a thing, except cc mobs. Paladins and druids tanks. Priest was hands down best. Mage caster best. Hunters were funnest to play.Keep in mind that the exact same company that royally screwed up Retail WoW Classic - Activision/Blizzard - is also the company doing Classic. Logic would dictate that although they finally realized that Classic will make them money, it does NOT mean they understand how to give us the Classic we desire, or even moreso; understand what to do with Classic when it's seen its first rise. I foresee a screw up so large that even the most hardcore Vanilla lovers will stop. And it'll be the end of WoW Classic.

Since BfA is so bad, it dying. If they mess up Classic like I believe they will, it'll be the ending. Unless you had a defense on, as a paladin you have encouraged to raids. Only way you might get in is if you were at a guild with family/rl buddies who carried you, if you were exceptionally good at the spec or whether you had excellent luck with drops from 5 man dungeons. It sucked in PvP because paladins did not possess interrupts in classic, so you had to cure through bubble or large harm and run. The majority of us who played with WoW Classic acknowledge that ret paladins were the laughing stock of their dps world.

I played all the WoW Classic courses to/at degree cap in Vanilla WoW Classic times, & believe that I enjoyed my Shadow Hunter Priest & the many. I loved (Enriched ) Vampiric Embrace ability & how my harm also helped out the playoffs. Sadly, Shadow Priests (like most of non-healing spec heal-capable classes) back then got some hate/exclusion from random PUGs, due to the lack of healers, therefore it had been easier to form your PUG or play with guildmates/friends. The Baron 45 5-man runs in classes that weren't over-geared (non-epics - green/blue gear) were the very best!?

You need to also keep in mind how quickly they get their bis equipment. Warrior is one of the hardest classes to acquire your pre-bis equipment, in contrast to other courses such as mages and healers As you're not gon na possess AQ or hell BWL available at the start. I'm keeping locks from the because they need amounts of hit gear to do damage, therefore it will be quite slow to gear up Buy WoW Classic Items. However, for warlocks the very best part is you'll be one of the most valuable players in the end because warlock is your least played courses in classic. The summoning will help you get dungeon groups even fasters.