April in the Hamburg is traditionally the time when many golfers come out of winter hibernation, dust off the trusty old golf equipment and start to think about getting into shape for the new season. Not for them the long dark days of winter.

Only hardened and completely dedicated players battle it out during the winter months. Cold, windy, wet, sleet, fog, snow showers and frozen greens are common conditions found between November and early March. And often the said conditions can all be found at some point during the same round of golf!

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For myself I do actually play during the cold and dark days of winter, convinced by a belief that ‘keeping the swing going’ will benefit me when the good time weather days appear. Those that hibernate in winter are wimps by my standards. Or at least they were.

Having started this Spring/Summer as badly as ever I can remember however, I have now decided that my approach to the game is all wrong. Golf during the cold months bears no resemblance to the real thing and come spring you have to totally change your game back to what it was last October. It’s almost as if you haven’t played for months. Just like it is for those sensible golfers who pack the golf bags away at the end of October and stay snuggled up in front of the TV and fire. Maybe it’s me that is missing a trick.

Following this revelation, I have decided to get my golf game into shape for the good weather conditions and to introduce a practice routine. The plan is to be out there on the practice ground two or three times a week honing my game to the edge of perfection. The problem now could be I'm really unsure where to begin.

Having read various articles and numerous recommendations on blogs I'm confused. Driving is key say some. If it's not long and straight off the tee you are going to struggle to get a score. Practice your long golf irons advise others whereas there exists a small school that favors a focus on the golf clubs, especially the massive choice of wedges everyone has use of nowadays. Lastly, of course, we've got putting. Pointless getting it on the green if you can’t get it inside the hole, suggest others. You can observe my dilemma.

The truth is it's wise to practice each of the areas above. Personally, I'll create a list of the worst aspects of my game (currently!) and begin from there. Probably even spend money on some lessons from my club PGA professional to get me on target. After that, we will see if any improvement occurs.

Just how long will the new routine last I hear you ask. Routine is difficult to break therefore we will take stock after a while. However, if personal history is anything to go by I might just reach the middle of May before laziness and frustration settle in! Enjoy your own personal practice.

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