For pet bottle preform manufacturers, it is not important why the Pet Bottle Preform he is required to make use of such a geometry. He only needs to use the technical tools available in the industry to produce pet bottle preforms with the best wall thickness distribution.
In order to create the desired difference in wall thickness in the blister, the nozzle and mandrel may have a contour at the periphery, which may be altered by the use of a replaceable tapered mandrel. However, this often leads to undesired coupling between axial and radial wall thickness control, so there must always be sacrifices in terms of optimal wall thickness distribution in both directions. If the preform of the pet bottle to be produced has a very complicated shape, the optimum wall thickness distribution can only be obtained by dynamic changes in the thickness of the axial and radial blanks. In addition to the Programmable Wall Thickness Control System (PWDS), which has been used for many years, pet bottle preform manufacturers now have radial wall thickness control in the form of a meandering ring. It can adjust the wall thickness of the blister more accurately and better.
In the shape of a circular blank, the preforms of the pet bottle to be produced often have strongly varying stretching conditions on the outer surface. The greater the local difference in the stretch rate of a particular pet bottle preform, the more interesting it is to change the wall thickness distribution of the blister surrounding its environment, thereby achieving the desired wall thickness at any point where the pet bottle preform is blown.
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