In the manufacturing process of cosmetics, there are many factors affecting the quality of products, such as raw material quality, process, etc. In addition, cosmetic Airless bottle defects (bottle day, bottle body and bottom) and dirt are also a key factor affecting the quality of cosmetics. Therefore, before the cosmetics are loaded, it is necessary to test the Airless bottles of the cosmetics, and remove the unqualified products before the cosmetics can be filled. At present, most cosmetics factories in China still use the quality of manual air-to-air cosmetic Airless bottles, which are inefficient, slow, and labor intensive. Machine vision is ideal for measurement, inspection and identification in high-volume production processes. Line array CCDs are advantageous for continuous, on-line measurement applications. Machine vision inspection can greatly improve the automation of production, and machine vision is easy to achieve information integration, which can greatly improve product quality and improve production efficiency.

Therefore, for the detection of     Cosmetic Airless Bottles    with high repetitive work, the application of machine vision theory to develop a set of cosmetic Airless bottle detection devices to achieve automated detection of empty bottles has great significance in practice.

Introduction to Machine Vision Machine vision is the use of machines instead of human eyes for measurement and judgment. Machine vision system refers to the conversion of the ingested target into an image signal by machine vision products (ie, image capture device, divided into CMOS and CCD), and transmitted to a dedicated image processing system, which is transformed according to pixel distribution, brightness, color, and the like. Digital signals; the image system performs various operations on these signals to extract features of the target, and then controls the device actions on the scene according to the result of the discrimination.

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