The    Cosmetic Airless Bottles    has an oval or round container and the piston is free to move at the bottom of the bottle. The working principle is to use the elasticity of the spring and empty the air in the bottle to keep the bottle under vacuum, and then use some pressure so that the inside of the bottle can move the piston.


Many skin care products contain ingredients such as protein. Some amino acids, hyaluronic acid, are easy to contaminate bacteria, so be sure to keep them clean. If they are contaminated, they will produce harmful substances to the human body. The Airlessbottle can separate the inside of the object from the air, and it is not easy to react with the air oxidation, and will not lose some original effects.


So we can see that the benefits of using Airlessbottle packaging are so great that it will be widely used. If you need this type of packaging, we must choose a professional production company to ensure quality. Ningbo Ruiqi Daily Necessities Packaging Co., Ltd.'s cosmetic Airlessbottle is a good choice for you.