The Underground Social Network User Agreement 
1. No Porn This will get you banned from the website. 
2. Anything else goes. 
3. No taking private message's and sharing them around on any open planform without all party's permeation. 
No Reporting 
We do not have a reporting system so this way people cannot be bullied. 
Block person 
If ay anytime you do not like what the other person is doing you can block them thanks. 
The Underground Social Network 
We reserve the right to ban people for abuse of admins and staff. 
All around thank you and have fun 
We do not sell your data to make money like FB we only have banner ads and paid ads but we do not share or sell any private information. 


No Porn Policy 

In no way shape or form is there allowed nude picks, porn, sexuality explicit items or picks even links. 


Scam Policy  

If we believe you are scamming someone your account can be removed for this and you forfeit anything to do with your account. 


Spamming Policy  

Someone is welcome to post at item if they wanted to up to 3 times a day in the same group if admin wishes this. They can also post in every group across the site as well admin do have the right to remove the post if it's not related or as they see fit. If you are posting on your wall the exact same thing over 200 times within 5 hours its considered attack spam and your account can be removed for this as it’s considered an attack on the site. 



 No bots if your caught using bots on the site you will be banned immodestly. 


Market Policy  

Please we ask everyone no more that 30 items at a time for the market.  


Ad Policy 

In no way shape or form are we responsible for what is put out there as an ad. However, if someone is caught violating the rules with an ad or in site will forfeit their account any anything, they put into it. Which means any assets, money, or site currency. If accounts are removed because of violating the rules we are not responsible for paying anything back to the client. If an account is banned wrongfully everything will be restored to what is was before thank you. 


Harassment Policy  

In no way a shape of form do we support any form of harassment. However, that being said we also do not babysit the site. If you are under the age of 18 and have someone over 18 report it to an admin threw contact us immediately send screen shots to our team. Block the person and we will deal with it. If you are an adult block the person and or work it out if a person keeps making new accounts keep record and proof with screen shots. If the person has made over 3 accounts and you can prove it that they are in some way threating your live report to admin.  


Political Policy  

In no way can your post be removed for your political views endless if violates the main rules. That being said admin and moderators are welcome to their own views they can comment and like a political post we just can't remove because we do not like or agree with what you are posting. Now that being said staff and admin have the right to warn people if they believe the political post is a threat to the public. Political parties must use ads to promote their party they cenote use spamming to do this.  


Wallet and site currency and points policy. 

 This is a point system in no way can you withdraw from your wallet to your bank as this is not real currency. You can redeem it threw ads on the network. 


Group admin policy 

Because admin of groups have a responsibility to the people if they are being rude or vlogger they probably won't have much of a group left with people leaving. Admin of the site can remove groups if we feel people's lives are at risk or there is a real danger to the public. As well as if they are violating any of the other rules. 


Business Policy  

All businesses must go through a verify process. This means the business needs to prove it has a license and is registered.  


Charity Policy 

Charity policy if you are a legitime charity in Canada and would like to advertise your site once you have a page up, we can offer $200 to $500 per month of ad space provided you can give a tax recite to our company. Also, the charity must be helping Canadians.  


False Reporting Policy  

If you are caught false reporting someone threw contact us you will be given one warning then you will be banned if it happens again. We are not kid’s we need to learn to get along if you do not like someone block them. However, if they are doing something that is against the rules or law you will not be punished for reporting this person.  


Blog Policy  

Firstly, we will NOT seek to censor your articles due to a mere divergence of opinion, but we are compelled to respect the law.  We will remove articles which we discover are criminal, such as incitement to violence, child porn, or hate speech, but we may receive legal complaints regardless as we grow. 

What does this mean?  Well if you live in Germany or France for example, where the government has created unnecessary difficulties with their Rule of Law, there could be some problems down the road. 

No, we will not report you to your local authorities.  We are not here to be SJW's, but if your article is discovered by your local authorities, and charges emerge, we are compelled to cooperate with the authorities fairly, but honestly.  Our statements will reflect the contents of this letter.  

After legal consultation, if we believe the authorities are violating your human rights, we will go to bat for you on those grounds, but if an article is dripping with hate speech and absolutist rhetoric, our statements will reflect that as well.  Even though our mission is mainly a Canadian one, since we will get users from all over the world, our administration must be prepared for this. 

In summary, we will not censor or delete posts, blogs, or articles unless it is blatantly obvious it is a crime somehow.  (child porn, hate speech, snuff, etc.) Once again, we are not concerned with censorship, but we are concerned with rule of law in all areas where our users reside.  Our one house rule is no porn whatsoever.  That one is straight from the top.  Please feel free to message Scott Bacheldor or myself for any more clarifications here. 

We also ask no more that 30 blog post at a time there is lots of people who want to share and they need room to share also thanks.