Why do you need to use an oven or polyester resin for the production of Pet Bottle Preform? It is usually used in the packaging of food, it is tasteless and authoritative. One item of food, a product to be eaten, a wide range of consumers, paying attention to its endogenous side effects. The food says that the air is blocked for too long, and finally the sound can be broken. Why use the bottle bottle for the production of pet bottles? On the product baggage of the oven material, it can be used as a protective method to prevent ultraviolet rays from blocking the water, oil and air. Generally speaking, it treats the gas and the water vapor permeability is quite low.

    It is quite stable with its physical method, and it has the purpose of being resistant to oil and corrosion. Therefore, the folding resistance is also very advantageous. It is a method that is resistant to high temperature quality, so this batch is buried. It is the same as a food. For the sale and purchase of goods, PET is remembered to be used for food packaging. It is also used as an order for the production of pet bottle preforms. This process is the same as food, and has high temperature resistance and UV resistance. Seven airs have developed into an environment, making it not only a satisfying procedure under construction. This batch of uses, we can treat the production of pet bottle preforms, why should we use the oven to a certain extent, the low-key safety is very good, treat our body to life problems, and there is no resentment of high temperature material deformation. It is.

    In fact, the lightweight performance of packaging has won positive response from various companies. The reason for the performance is not only environmental protection, but also the weight of packaging can keep enterprises using cheap packaging and sales, indirect resistance and good cost. Therefore, the prospects will certainly not be the same as the number of products and the number of products, the light weight of the packaging treatment of the company's confrontation prospects sexy.

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