I believe these mass shootings are orchestrated by the Democrats as a pretext to taking our guns.Eight mass shootings under Clinton, eight under Bush, and 24 under Obama. The Obama administration endured 24 mass shootings — more than the three preceding administrations combined. More than any previous administration.

Why did it start during Clinton's term, and continually get worse? What's different? Can't be guns. Gee guns were so easy to come by when I was younger. I bought several at the local hardware store. Mass shootings were unheard of then! Nothing unusual to see a pickup with a gun rack in the back window full of guns in town. And we weren't paranoid then!

Look at how this world is today, mass shootings in our schools, unheard of when I went to school! Why today? Taking guns won’t solve the problem; there are knives, and bombs.

Right now it’s easier to buy drugs than to buy guns! But if the Democrats take all our guns, then the cartel will have a new business! SMUGGLING AND SELLING GUNS, CHEAPER, AND LIKE DRUGS, EASIER TO BUY, and more difficult to track guns used to commit crimes! 

In this warped so called modern society; Little boys are now little girls, little girls are now little boys, and due to warped PC many don't know what gender they are. Parents no longer interact with their children, give them a cell phone and they'll be quite all day. No more playing outside, no more dodgeball, a poor little kid might get hurt; No more playing baseball, no more football, a kid might get hurt.

When I was a child, we didn't have to worry about which house on the block was a safe house, all the neighbors house was a safe house. And we knew all our neighbors, and we interacted with all our neighbors!

When I went to school, I lived in the country and I grew up with guns. Every pickup truck in the school parking lot had a gun rack with guns in the back window of the truck, and most of these pickups were unlocked! We didn't steal from each other, and for G-d's sake we didn't shoot each other with a real gun, they were all toys. We played cowboy and Indians, no one wanted to be an Indian, but we didn't kill any of them. We use to play Army, cops and robbers, no one wanted to be the bad guy. But we never shot anyone with a real gun, they were all toys. Today we don’t even want kids to play with toy guns! But yet, with PC came mass shootings!