There are 79,976 words in the Torah, The oldest part of the Dead Sea scrolls, the Isaiah Scroll, found relatively intact, is 1000 years older than any previously known copy of Isaiah. In fact, the scrolls are the oldest group of Old Testament manuscripts ever found. Out of the 79,976 words there only nine differences between Teimani and Ashkenazi/Sefardi sifrei torah where a different letter (style and layout differences aside) appears in modern scrolls are:

  1. מנש(ו)א Genesis 4:13 Ashkenazi/SephardiTemoni
  2. מעינ(ו)ת Genesis 7:11 Ashkenazi/SephardiTemoni
  3. ויהי(ו)‏ Genesis 9:29 Ashkenazi/SephardiTemoni
  4. ת(י)עשה Exodus 25:31 Ashkenazi/SephardiTemoni
  5. האפ(ו)ד Exodus 28:26 Ashkenazi/SephardiTemoni
  6. בשמ(ו)ת Numbers 1:17 Ashkenazi/SephardiTemoni
  7. חדש(י)כם Numbers 10:10 Ashkenazi/SephardiTemoni
  8. בע(ו)ר Numbers 22:5 Ashkenazi/SephardiTemoni
  9. דכ(ה|א)‏ Deuteronomy 23:2 Some Ashkenazi/SephardiSome Ashkenazi/Temoni