Hollywood's Role in Sex Abuse Cases


Hollywood is responsible, at least in part, for any future rises in sexual abuse. In fact I'd go as far as to say, if they'd clean up their act, we may even see rates of sexual abuse plummet over the coming decades. Want to know why?

Its common knowledge that sleeping over with someone you don't know, is a bad idea. You're putting yourself in a vulnerable situation behind closed doors, with a total stranger! Maybe they'll grope you in your sleep, maybe they'll do something worse. You should not stay over with someone, unless you know them, and know them well. That should be common sense.

This is why I absolutely despise modern television shows like "How I Met Your Mother" & "The Office" for pushing the three date rule. The Three Date Rule, is the idea that you're supposed to have sex with someone after three dates together.

That's the most idiotic idea anyone has ever had, ever.

At most you've spent six hours with someone, and now you're going to strip down and get in bed with them?? Not only that, but you're probably going to stay over at their house? They took you to the movies, so its time to open your legs??? What the hell!? That's practically asking for trouble!

Never have I heard that from anyone I've ever known personally - no. This idea either originated, or was popularized by Big Hollywood media - the industry of Weinstein and other molestors. So while I want to say its an irresponsible message to put into our media, I'm starting to believe it was downright intentional! To teach young people these bad ideas so they foolishly place themselves in the paths of predators - ON PURPOSE!


Plenty of teens and 'tweens' watch these shows, heck! I was watching those shows since age 12, I would know! And at a certain point we need to stop blaming the parents and start holding these writers responsible. We need to accept the fact that parents cannot be everywhere at once - and part of accepting that, is demanding better television standards for our children!

For years Hollywood has been pushing messages of promiscuity and flippant attitudes towards sex, until now, we have a generation of kids who were raised on that terrible advice! A generation of youths who treat The 3 Date Rule as though its a serious statement! Three dates, then go to someone's house and take all your clothes off and lay down in front of them...

Television is teaching young teens to put themselves in danger, to make themselves susceptible to relationship violence - all for a good plot device. Its absolutely disgusting, and when we see a rise in abuse rates over the coming years, I'll be right there to remind you - we could have stopped this! Even before Weinstein, we all knew Hollywood was a hive of scum and villainly, but nobody would listen! People kept idolizing celebrities until now, only after years of sex abuse scandals, is Hollywood finally being judged. Well, no more! I know one thing for sure, when I have kids, they're going to watch pre-recorded episodes of Fresh Prince, The 700 Club, and King of the Hill! If you let your kids freely wander across the airwaves, who knows what garbage will be put in their heads! SAD!