The heating of the Pet Bottle Preform is done by a heating oven, the temperature of which is manually set and automatically adjusted. The far infrared rays emitted from the far-infrared tube in the oven radiate heat to the pet bottle preform, and the heat is circulated by the fan at the bottom of the oven to make the temperature in the oven uniform. The pet bottle preform rotates while moving forward in the oven, so that the wall of the pet bottle preform is evenly heated.

The arrangement of the lamps in the oven is generally "zone" shape from top to bottom, with more ends and less in the middle. The heat of the oven is controlled by the number of lamps opened, the overall temperature setting, the oven power, and the heating ratios of the sections. The opening of the lamp should be adjusted in conjunction with the pre-blowing bottle.

In order to make the oven work better, the adjustment of its height and cooling plate is very important. If it is improperly adjusted, it may easily appear in the bottle opening (the bottle mouth becomes larger), the hard head neck (the neck material cannot be opened), etc. during blow molding. defect.

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