X-ray orientation analyzer is a sensitive detection equipment. The operation and surrounding environment will have an impact on the detection accuracy. Therefore, there are certain restrictions on the installation environment. What requirements does the X-ray orientation analyzer have for the installation environment?

The installation and use of the X-ray Orientation Analyzer requires the selection of a suitable place. The following factors should be considered to ensure that the X-ray orientation analyzer performs the best detection state during the detection process:

  1. First check the packing list out of the box and make sure that the sensor, control box and its accessories are intact before installation.
  2. Do not install the control box near the power distribution cabinet to avoid interference from power equipment, and avoid metal objects around it;
  3. The X-ray orientation analyzer sensor should not be mounted on a vibrating object, and the shock absorber should be installed under the sensor;
  4. The environment around the food X-ray orientation analyzer should not have strong acid, strong alkali, corrosive gas or strong electromagnetic interference;
  5. Ensure that the X-ray orientation analyzer is installed in a location that is not exposed to direct sunlight, and that there are no heaters, stoves, etc. nearby;

X-ray orientation analyzer has high requirements on the operating environment, so the selection of the installation location should consider the above factors, to avoid the interference of the equipment in other aspects of the detection process and affect the detection accuracy!