Population of the Earth at present; 7,508,428,875. Everyone on the earth wants a healthy comfortable life; this requires shelter, food, water, transportation, and energy. The world population will grow from 7 billion to 9 billion by 2050. Farmers will need to double food production by 2050 to keep pace. 

People are living longer, and people are having children. As the population grows the need for fuel will increase to generate electricity, run tractors on the farm to produce food for this ever growing population, to transport this food from the farms to market, and so on. 

Common sense has it that we must continue to produce the energy we're using now and work to make it clean and safe to use while at the same time we are developing alternative energy sources. But it seems to me that big daddy (The government) messes up most of what it tries to do, even good projects such as alternative fuel sources. Here's a prime example! Corn for biofuel is a Genetically modified maize and unfit as food for humans or animals. Cattle for milk and beef also eat corn and the land used to produce food is being converted for biofuel. People must eat as well as our cars! The full environmental cost of biofuels is only now becoming clear. Corn is the chief plant for biofuel in America. As the demand for corn for biofuel increases so does the price for biofuel corn. Farmers who grow other crops are switching over to biofuel corn to cash in on this new oil well. At the time that the demand for biofuel corn raises so is the demand for food crops, this demand for food crops that was being met by the farmer who switched to biofuel corn is now being met by farmers in Brazil and elsewhere. To grow this food crop in Brazil farmers had to clear prehistoric rain forest to make room for these crops that require sunlight. Slash and burn of the rain forest of Brazil and many other places in the world adds to climate change, it changes weather patterns and the elimination of many species that benefits mankind.

Pollution is not the only problem we face; ever hear stories on the news of someone being killed or injured from wild animal attacks? These attacks are becoming more common as we encroach into their habitat. As we live longer and longer, and have more and more children, we require more space to build homes and apartments, meaning that we must push into their territory, and as we do so we will see more and more attacks from coming in contact with wild animals. So, it comes down to wildlife or human beings.

Is the half hazard thought out policy for biofuel with results of slash and burn responsible for these fires in the Amazon? Read this article by CNN