Round Head Bolt, we ship from production to delivery. In this whole process, we all need quality inspection of the ball studs. This will ensure the quality of the ball studs. This will allow customers to use our built-in screws more confidently and boldly. Then, in the process of quality measurement of stainless steel screws and nuts, we generally encounter some bad quality problems! Then follow us to take a look!

Poor molding

Eccentricity, imprint, head, lack of material, headshot, etc.

Bad tooth decay

Rotten teeth, bad, bad nails, poor nailing, etc.

  Inaccurate size

Length, outer diameter, bone diameter, angle, etc.

Poor plating

Black, color difference, etc.

Poor reliability

Poor salt spray test, poor torque, poor hardness, poor hydrogen embrittlement, poor fracture, bad sliding teeth, etc.

Poor environment

Poor material (including harmful substances), poor plating, etc.

Then there is poor mixing, etc.

Of course, these are just some of the problems that are encountered in the quality inspection of ball studs. There are more, of course, probably say so much here. There will be opportunities to talk about other issues.