The average net fiscal cost (taxes paid minus services used) of an illegal immigrant that was invited by the Demon-Rats was $65,292 during their lifetime — excluding their U.S.-born children. This came to $65.3 billion per million illegal immigrants. The figures were expressed in 2016 dollars. Adjusted to 2018 dollars, it would be $69,570 per illegal immigrant, or $69.6 billion per million illegal immigrants.
The Demon-Rats put out the word in South America, come all, you will not be deported. But what about our orphan kids, and homeless! Shouldn't we care for them FIRST?
The invasion of illegal aliens is not the only thing that's been happening to our nation. Fires in California 56 people died, and 130 missing, but that's not all, 8,900 homes, 329 businesses, and 800 private autos, commercial vehicles, and other types of property damaged or destroyed.
But there's more; there's the continuing storms and floods!
All the storms, and floods!
$54 billion—$34 billion in losses to households, $9 billion to commercial businesses, and $12 billion to the public sector. And it's not over!
The Earthquakes in California could cost over $200 billion dollars.
But it's not over Tropical Depression Six Expected to Strengthen Off East Coast; Rain, Gusty Winds Possible in Nova Scotia Late Week.
Because of the storms and floods farmers are losing the crops and livestock!
All of this will effect the economy! Americans must be reasonable!!!