16 2 2019


i want to tell you a personal story

me and my brother were in the car driving and he said the muslism are crazy then i said the people who wronged us were not muslism and he reluctantly agreed .

I will explain my family owns a commercial property when i was kid and our exsprience in civil court system and in this is in first world country these people occupied our property they paid at first then they did not and so we tried to kick them out but they filed a injunction turned out it was false the court management was in on the scam the judge put a restaiing order against preventing us going to own property these people ran up the water bill and electricity they chased out the tentants they tried to bankrupt us they were bad people our own lawyer sabotaged us then when we went to the law society they covered the lawers ass and to the minster of justice in which he Ignored us . to sum it up they occupied our property for 5 years if were to removed them ourselves they would use state violence to attack over retraining order violation then there was our lawyer (multiply ) who tried to sabotage us and the law society the covred the lawyers . The world largest relgion is statism is idoltry it is a modern form of emperer worship . This is delulsion so to bleive something on paper but does not reflecting reality is delusion


they say civilized society but i say a sociopatihc society they all cooperated to attack us sociopathic society attacking

law and order the used the law using law under the guise of restianing order to bar us from our property to con us so impartial arbitor is mythology

for it is not islam which is the problem . it is rebellion which is the problem .

Mark 12:30-31 King James Version (KJV)

30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.

we humans have sinned againts GOD we have turned from serving LORD GOD to ourselves and treating other with regard as to ourselves then to unequal to ourselves ( without regard for others ( this is where oppressor oppressed dynamic thing comes from ) .

SO WHAT HAPPEMD the MUSLISM did not wrong my family . secular atheist driven merly by money and desire to get kcick or high on fact they have power over others that is why they did this to us and .



do you remember how i said men are oppressed are in the west and they also export this shit .

This will show you how sociopathic people are in general .

a corrupt system that fucked us over here is proof 3 million men in 5 years "False Accusations in Spain" https://youtu.be/GjgBfklmYj8?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN

No Woman, No Crime: Israeli Men, legally harassed by women https://youtu.be/ahZTWBB26Cw?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN

The Ballad of Broken Boys (Part 1) https://youtu.be/q05Ny--aHnY?list=PLOj1t1YOjdmy8QAgFcECF0LHw0wN9zidN



We humans are corrupted we tried to create equality between creation and creator breaking the relationship between creation and creator from cooperation between creator and creation (harmony and peace to emnity ) to competition , conflict and seperation between us and GOD forfeiting our place as his child for in rebellion we did not become the parent and we forfieted our place as his child and are in exile from GOD . we rejected GOD and deserve nothing but to be judged for our sins and executed but because of love of GOD he provided a way back to him . now imagine a butch lesbian it is a woman pretending to be a man would a man want such a thing no ? . now then we must accept our fault , confess our sin recognize diffrence between creation and creator respecting our diffrent roles of cooperating togeth . and be his children obey him ( hear and do his comandments ) and accpeting authority over us will he be responsible for us he will love us and we obey him that is how it must be to be his child . we humans must accept the mercy of GOD which is in christ for through christ we go back to our place as his child and if we will not we will have no place and be destroyed . for us christians are LORD GOD 's children having accepted LORD GOD mercy and shall live forever we serve GOD and cooperate with him rather then compete he has authorty and resposnbility over us and we obey him tht is how we serve him and love other as ourselves .

while the wicked say there is no GOD so embrace rebellion equality with GOD and causing inequality between beings of creation ( creating oppressed and oppressro) turning from cooperation with each other to competion these human are at odds with GOD and other humans .we being of creation are at fault lucifer his rebelion adam and eve joing that rebellion . LORD GOD tried to save the whole of humanity and reconcile humanity through israel but it failed for humanity wants to embrace rebellion againts GOD and are at ODDs with GOD and other for the serve themselves instead of GOD and do not regard others equal as themselves and roar as lion come up with foolishness ( pslam 2 raginig heathens ) to save themselves or become idolter that a worshipping a idol hopin it will save themselves and the biggest relgion on earth is statism a modern form of empreror worship . Which in turn leads to spiritual discontentment that drives materialism as they say there is no hope so let us get drunk high out of our minds lets get rich and serve ourselves and drown ourselves in pleasure they say so as a result they resort to evil driven by sheer hunger to consume they plot and secheme and kanive and to commit great evil and who say there is no GOD so gives a shit there is no GOD or hope so let live richly and and this is cause of this malciousness .


1 Timothy 6:10

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

Example given 2 million falun gong these people bleive a false relgion anyway these are innocent people killed by CCP for there organs to make money including the house christians this CCP has killed tens of million of people one of bloodiest regimes in history .

to get a idea of what they do please watch

"Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee" Bad Ending HD


you go on the operating table alive and end up dead missing a organ .

China's Shocking Military Secret REVEALED


you want to see the sheer madness of atheism and what happens when a human reject spruatal and runs of pure biological instincts they become demonic also during the cultrual revoution they ate people .

Could China's President Get Purged? Happy 50th Anniversary, Cultural Revolution!


remeber how i said how spritual discontement drives people to live rich and fill the emptyness of heart and they want to get out of this life as much pleasure as they can before the die with no regard for others and GOD .

you want to see another example of what driven by instinct .

King leopold III ( thrid ) owned the congo and he made the whole population into a work force and created a group called he force public ( i spelled it wrong ) and they made everybody collect natural rubber and if you failed to meet the quota they cut your hands and you die and many people died of starvation . So to sum it all in all they killed 15 million people over the greed of one man and force public worked on commission so everybody but small group grow immensly wealthy while they killed 15 million people .

so they killed people for money . embracing the flesh drives christoper columbus killing 2 million people it drove slavery it drove western colonilaism it drove genhis khan to conquer a mass swath of teritory killing 40 million people it drove mohammed ( the muslism ) nobody started to join him untill he offered people sex slaves and money drive them to conqiuer 2 /3 of the christian's world . So when you adovcate materialism over spritaul is embracing sin that is be at odds at GOD and others to be destructive againts GOD , other and ultilamtly yourself .



atheists bleive in survival of fittest and social Darwinism they believe mass murder is okay they believe and that slavery is okay for it am merely fighting for my survival so it is okay there is no good or evil just of unjust merely to survive for there is not GOD no one to decided Good and evil so what i deem is righteous and just or as wrong and i say murder theft ad explostaiion is okay for i decided that it was and we all do what is right in our own eyes( like the hebrew rejected LORD GOD as there king and choose a human king that exsplited them )or is it mob desiced but what happens when the say let murders the jews but one shall say lets not murder them who is correct . so where does it come from good or evil immoral and who decied it and about morality i said woman should not dress as a whore .

a atheist man concurred he said he was saw 15 16 year old wearing tight spandex and i said but there is only instinct to mate and reproduce so why not take them and if they resist beat them into submission abd then impregnant them he is man so why not there is nothing wrong with there is only a desire to mate and follow his instinct where did it come from that sense of disgust ? why though was he disgusted ? . unless there is a GOD to decied good and evil and place this in us though we are corrupted and we can numb our contencious by searing it . the ten commadments are known to all we inherently know to break them is wrong for morality conscious and the place of holy sprite weither it there or not points to a GOD


Fristly you said all musiism are born evil while i say all are born in evil my resposse all are born evil for humanity is inherently corrupt we are redeemed to GOD side through christ there are christians who do not have relationship with GOD via christ but are nominal christians they are not redeemed to GOD via accepting LORD JEUS as LORD AND SAVIOR they are still the devils children remeber what JESUS said to to have ate with did many miracles and did much good then JESUS said i never know you depart from me you who practice inquity ( they had no relationship with GOD via christ) . This islam thing is strange and i bleive is not about islam there is plenty of evil in the world why islam ? I beleive This is about 1948 AD israel this islam facinsation will lead back to israel palestine confict and entrall the world world the rightist pro israel anti islam ( rightist have facinsation with israel being a ethno state) and lefitist pro palestine pro islam and i beleive the whole world will be entralled in this conflict before 1948 AD israel jdugement matthew 23 fulfilled .

Anyway about the muslims the muslims who go to the west are covernting to christiananity bring new life to the churchs . And the muslism converting in the middle east . Ibelive ( not i could be really wrong ) but i have faith in GOD and the last harvest tares and wheat spoken about in mathew 23 and in revelation i bleive we are in the last christians in last 500 years has spread all over the world and we are in the greatr tribulation and last harvest the tares yellow jackets brexit sudan hait the protesters , then there is the wheat the last christian revial one that shall take place over the WHOLE world the blind seeing deaf hearing dead ressurecting etc and greates revival in human history and then the judgement of israel then the battle of armgeddon ending the world . This is what i think is going on .

Now this is what i think about the end of the world .

now then on 31 january to 1 feburay 2018 there was lunar eclipse the sixth seal is marked with lunar ecplise sun turn dark moon turn red then one month later putin threathends the west with his new nuclear weapons this is one of sign of great trbiulation the last 3 and halfs years (as like elijah famine or christ ministry )( the time of great triublation is taken from after the sixth seal period . time times and half time 3 and half days 42 months 1260 days 3 and half years ) of the earth kingdom againts kingdom nation againts nation CBN MR PAT ROBINSON RESPONSE TO PUTINS THREAT ( a recomend watching this he lived through the COLDWAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZgFUcNkMkk ) . remeber the parable of tares and wheat . crazies will be showing up captilisst communist hindus etc and the wheat will rise also a great christian harvest . then at the last hour ten horns on the dragon shall come to power and hate the whore and burn with fire and eat her flesh . ( the USA AND EU will put the squeeze israel to make peace with palestains ) the LORD GOD shall pour out his judgement on israel ( palestianan third intifada ) fulfilling of matthew 23 judgment then all eyes shall be on israel and whole world mourn her fall then death mourning and famine then a angel shall throw at the great city a millstone thus with violence destroying that great city. the third hezbollah israel war they shall rain down 100000 missiles destroying that great city babylon/israel the fulfill the sixth trumpet vial . the invasion of israel as lie ancient babylon was then when they( hezbollah ) have invaded the galliee it will draw USA and EU into the battle of armageddon in and jesus will fight them and win and thus the stone that fall from heaven and smite the fall of statue of nebuchadnezzer dream fuflfilling daniels prophecy the fourth kingdom conqured by the fifth . the kingdom of GOD shall reign forever .