A Glimpse at Articles from the Hamas Charter-The Covenant of Jew Hatred and Plan of Hamas to Destroy Israel

Hamas cannot keep a ceasefire, negotiate fairly in peace talks with reasonable concessions, or make a long standing commitment to live in peace with Israel, without becoming hypocrites, in defiance of their own mission clearly stated in the Hamas Charter....."Raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine".  In simple terms, annihilate the Jewish State, kill the inhabitants, and declare Israel an Islamic State.

 In the meantime, let`s pretend it is about the resistance and "cause" of the Palestinian people. The long played disingenuous narrative, readily acceptable in the credulous view of the international community. Hamas has used a pitiful plight of the people, to ultimately obtain its Islamic goal...to destroy Israel and slowly absorb it into an Islamic state....just as the Hamas Charter mandates.

But Hamas cares about the plight of the Gazan people, and must fight Israel and kill the Zionist, as if was an equal opportunity adventure. The same people that Hamas placed in harms way to be killed, instead of using open areas of land as their launching sites. The same people deprived of housing from the enormous amount of materials, in lieu,  it was used to build a massive network of terror tunnels, many leading into Israel to carry out terrorist attacks on innocent Israelis.  Besides building schools and hospitals, this material could have been used for building living accommodations for the people.  Many in this world could live comfortably in an apartment over-looking the Mediterranean.

Hamas will not have prosperous conditions, as long as thriving off discord keeps the conflict embolden.  Much of the money could have been spent for the Palestinian entrepreneurs aspiring to open up businesses. Hamas leaders cannot afford to let the community be peaceful and thriving.  Hamas must keep Gaza in a semi-impoverished state, and keep reiterating to the people and teaching the children,  that their divine mission in this world, can be no less, than to stay in a surreal struggle  to "take back" their homeland,  Palestine. The advocated method, as dictated in the Charter, is by "resistance", which is their soft word meaning embracing terrorism and killing innocent Israeli citizens.

As the forlorn Hamas leaders were comfortable in a luxury hotel in Qutar watching the crisis in Gaza, they were dreaming about the benefits of having an airport and the sea blockade lifted..forget about dissolving the Jewish State in stages, if Israel is ever so foolish, the flag will be flying much sooner than predicted. In the meantime, it is important to negotiate in Egypt for the sake of appearances and making a "peace effort".  Unless there is a schedule conflict with the Ayatollah Khamenei, who recently made the plea for the West Bank to fight and be armed, time must be spent in feigned truce negotiations. Of course, discussing weaponry supplied by Iran takes precedence. Iran is the loyal terror state friend, which has also vowed for the destruction of Israel.

Hamas leaders are not men singing in a Muslim quartet about their dreams of peace with neighbor, Israel.  These are wealthy terrorists with an extreme Islamic ideology, as stipulated in their Charter, with an agenda to kill Jews and destroy the State of Israel; a region they desire to never again have displayed a blue and white flag with a Star David emblem.  Let us never become blindly complacent about who they are and what they want. Israel will keep preserving the State and protecting the citizens.  As long as the terrorist organization, Hamas, exist, it will continue to abide by its own Charter and terrorize Israel.