Oligozoospermia Herbal Remedies Increasing The Sperm Count Health Articles | September 19 A.J. Brown Hat , 2011

Oligozoospermia herbal remedies are effective in the treatment for infertility. Moreover, this condition affecting the male fertility is commonly known as low sperm count.

Oligozoospermia herbal remedies are effective in the treatment for male infertility. Moreover, this unwanted condition affecting the male fertility is commonly known as low sperm count. Furthermore, it is considered that not only the sperm count but, quality and motility of the sperm also affect the reproductive ability of the males. But, most of the patients suffering from infertility have minimal sperm count. In addition Jeffery Simmons Hat , the abnormal sperm is taken into consideration when the number of sperm per millimeter is less than 20 million. Also, at least 75 percent of sperm must be living, and the semen volume should be more than 2 milliliters. However, these limits can be met by using some effective oligozoospermia herbal remedies.

Nevertheless, there are many causes that may prevent a male's body to produce healthy sperm. Firstly, psychological issues and emotional stress may affect the sperm production. Secondly Jurrell Casey Hat , alcohol affects the level of testosterone which reduces the male fertility. Thirdly, tobacco can affect the sperm morphology which can affect the reproductive ability of males. Fourthly, malnutrition is the prime cause of this undesired problem, for instance insufficient amounts of essential vitamins and minerals can affect the sperm quality. However, injury in the spinal cord can effect the hormone secretion and the part of brain that controls and regulates the male organ. Nevertheless, the oligozoospermia herbal remedies can increase the sperm count by treating the root cause of the problem. And Harold Landry Hoodie , some herbs that can help a person to restore the ability to conceive children are mentioned ahead. 聽

1. Ginseng is essentially used in the oligozoospermia herbal remedies because it has the miraculous ability to increase the testosterone level. Also, it works as a tonic for reproductive organ.

2. Astralagus can treat male infertility by improving the sperm concentration and motility.

3. Damiana is an important herb that supports the glandular health. Also, this aphrodisiac herb is very effective in the treatment of impotence.

4. Saw Palmetto is an excellent herb to treat loss of libido. And, this aphrodisiac herb regulates the functioning of the reproductive glands.

5. Horny Goat Weed is an aphrodisiac herb that is used in oligozoospermia herbal remedies to increase sperm production and for stimulating the libido. In addition, it increases the blood flow towards male organ.

6. Maca is an effective fertility booster. Moreover, it works to increases the sperm count and motility.

7. Tribulus is a wonderful herb to increase testosterone level in the body which is important for the treatment of low sperm count.

However Kevin Byard Hoodie , there are few tips mentioned ahead which may increase the effectiveness of the oligozoospermia herbal remedies.聽

1. Eating foods rich in zinc, amino acids, selenium, folate, and vitamins can improve the sperm morphology, for example beans Derrick Henry Hoodie , nuts, broccoli and celery should be included in the diet.聽

2. Maintain the weight by exercising more often because sedentary lifestyle and obesity can affect the male reproductive ability.

3. Avoid faulty habits to increase the sperm count, for instance avoid, alcohol, carbonated beverages, tobacco Jonnu Smith Hoodie , and too oily and too spicy foods.

4. Avoid wearing tight pants, underwear or non-breathable underpants as they may block the ambient climate for male organ which can minimize the sperm count.
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