Evr wonder ?
    In nature as far as we know, hardly anything iz an accident. A leaf has a purpose. Form and function. Plant produce certain toxins to ward off predators. Flowers design intricate layout to attract certain insects. Ever wonder what's the evolutionary purpose, of a psycho active ingredient  in a plant ? u may say,,, maybe man has breed plants to do these things, agriculture and all, such as the making of the Cornish banana. True, so what kind of society would encourage psycho...
    By Joe Peeer 2019-09-18 19:44:49 1 2
    Lotion Pump Equipment
    Lotion Pump is also the most used equipment in the mining and metallurgical industries. The mine needs to be pumped and drained. In the process of beneficiation, smelting and rolling, pumps are needed to supply water.In the power sector, nuclear power plants require nuclear main pumps, secondary pumps, tertiary pumps, and thermal power plants that require a large number of boiler feed pumps, condensate pumps, oil and gas mixed pumps, circulating pumps, and ash pumps.In the construction of...
    By Chen Jia 2019-09-16 02:46:42 0 4
    The Art Of Upright Showcase
    Because Upright Showcase is the main carrier for displaying goods, just like the furniture in the family, not only should you put on as many clothes as possible, the practicality of furnishings and artworks, but also the affinity and personality to represent the cultural level of a family. And the style, but also the economic strength of a family, and the design of the Household Appliance.
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-12 02:47:17 0 4
    China Spray Gun Paint Effect
    China spray gun nozzle: material selection 316L stainless steel, its main feature is 316L stainless steel processing surface is smooth and beautiful. Also observe whether it has burrs and concentricity, which directly affects the paint effect.
    By Chen Jia 2019-09-11 01:20:16 0 6
    Upright Showcase Has Received Much Attention
    Upright Showcase is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, craft gifts, crystal products, plastic products, factory product showrooms, foreign trade company sample halls and other product displays. It can also be used in corporate fairs, and can design multiple styles to make product display more bright. . The mobile phone display stand is highly regarded by the customers of the Household Appliance.
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-10 01:36:13 0 8
    China Spray Gun's Paint Utilization Rate
    China spray gun has a large spray distance and low utilization rate of paint. At the same time, the paint particles are also in the air for a long time. For quick-drying paints, it is possible that when the paint mist reaches the surface of the workpiece, the viscosity is too large to affect its leveling, resulting in orange peel and granules. If the spraying distance is too close, it is easy to cause problems such as sag, wrinkles and uneven spraying.
    By Chen Jia 2019-09-09 01:12:51 0 7
    China Spray Gun Mass Production
    China spray gun In terms of the effect, the manual spray gun is not stable enough, and the spray effect of each batch of products will have a certain difference, which will have a bad influence on customers with high color requirements. The rotary cup electrostatic spray gun is controlled by computer program, mass production, and there is no color difference in each batch of products.
    By Chen Jia 2019-09-04 01:05:17 0 11
    Upright Showcase Information Processing
    Upright Showcase hardware: consists of a display, speakers, showcase, artifacts, and computers. The showcase is made of high-hardness metal profiles to ensure the structural integrity. In terms of safety, the showcase is equipped with anti-theft laminated glass and equipped with museum professional locks and intelligent security system. The display panel adopts a transparent LCD screen, and the display screen integrates various technologies such as microelectronic technology and information...
    By Jia Chen 2019-09-03 02:35:32 0 11
    China Spray Gun To Change Size
    China spray gun FAN: The width adjustment is also a fan adjustment. Adjusting the size can change the size of the fan. There is an adjustment knob on the top of the spray gun, and there is also a remote pressure regulator to adjust. We already know the basic function of each air inlet, but we need to know how to adjust it.
    By Chen Jia 2019-09-02 01:05:54 0 10
    China Home Appliance Symbolizes Quality
    When it comes to China Home Appliance technology innovation, as an important tool to improve the quality of life, the penetration rate of smart home appliances with innovative factors is steadily increasing. In the third quarter of 2018, the total market share of smart TV has reached 96%; although the air-conditioning products are smarter late, the growth rate is staggering. In the third quarter of 2018, the proportion of smart air-conditioner online retail sales has exceeded half. For...
    By Chen Jia 2019-08-28 03:13:36 0 9
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