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  • The Art Of Upright Showcase
    Because Upright Showcase is the main carrier for displaying goods, just like the furniture in the family, not only should you put on as many clothes as possible, the practicality of furnishings and artworks, but also the affinity and personality to represent the cultural level of a family. And the style, but also the economic strength of a family, and the design of the Household Appliance.
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  • Upright Showcase Has Received Much Attention
    Upright Showcase is widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, craft gifts, crystal products, plastic products, factory product showrooms, foreign trade company sample halls and other product displays. It can also be used in corporate fairs, and can design multiple styles to make product display more bright. . The mobile phone display stand is highly regarded by the customers of...
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  • Upright Showcase Information Processing
    Upright Showcase hardware: consists of a display, speakers, showcase, artifacts, and computers. The showcase is made of high-hardness metal profiles to ensure the structural integrity. In terms of safety, the showcase is equipped with anti-theft laminated glass and equipped with museum professional locks and intelligent security system. The display panel adopts a transparent LCD screen, and the...
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  • China Home Appliance Adjusts Temperature
    The China Home Appliance should not be switched frequently. Do not start and turn off the air conditioner frequently because the room temperature has reached the required value or higher than the required value. Instead, let the air conditioner control the start and stop through the temperature controller. Adjust the temperature to avoid overheating or overcooling. The air conditioner needs to...
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  • China Home Appliance Is Used For A Long Time
    Turn off the power in time. The China Home Appliance must turn off the power when not in use. In our daily life, we will encounter many such problems. For example, some people will directly turn off the monitor by remote control after watching the TV, but they will not be powered. There are also computers, especially those who watch the desktop. Does not turn off the display; there are also...
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  • Commercial Appliance Management Upgrade
    The Commercial Appliance management system is one of the most important upgrades. As the core and fundamental of manufacturing enterprises, the construction of equipment management system can fundamentally change the way of maintenance and maintenance of equipment that is relatively backward in enterprises, and can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of maintenance and production workers to...
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  • Upright Showcase Is Fully Functional
    Upright Showcase is versatile, has many styles, and is fully functional. It is suitable for different environments and different environments. Whether it is home or commercial space, the freezer plays a huge role in promoting social development and progress, and the Household Appliance brings real life. In the interest.
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  • Cordless Paint Sprayer Has A Reasonable Layout
    The cordless paint sprayer includes a rotating electric machine, a driving shaft driven by a rotating electric machine, and a drum driven by the driving shaft. The drum is correspondingly provided with a drum cover, and the drum cover is provided with a spray gun system connected to the paint supply system; the rotary electric machine is connected to the electric control system. The invention...
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  • China Home Appliance Cannot Be Eliminated
    The industry needs to make new changes. Senior observers of China Home Appliance industry pointed out that in the 5G era, home appliance companies must keep up with the trend and cannot be eliminated by the times, to make new product layouts, especially for 4K and 8K products. For terminal manufacturers, to introduce more quality content products, the channel has been opened, so it is necessary...
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