Who are the Jews?


R. Ahrens says

NOVEMBER 7, 2019 AT 3:47 PM

They are waking brother. And not by my words, or any other person sharing wisdom…It seems to be happening through the spirit as it happened to me. Raised by Baptists, and driven away from religion into a shameful life (because the lukewarm church is spiritually dead) just a few short years ago I was as far removed from our blessed and eternal king as one could get, and pretty much crashed out rock bottom, distressed at two failed marriages, distressed at an addiction to pain pills, distressed at what was happening to my nation, my racial brothers and sisters, and distressed at my own self loathing.

Without Christ, we are all dead inside. You may find temporary reprieve from time to time with distractions or try to medicate away that empty hole where your soul should be, but it was putting a bandaid on cancer and trying to wish it better….Not going to happen. That’s why so many climb the ladder of wealth or fame, and then put a bullet in their mouths…The promises of the beast system are hollow lies, when all is said and done.

I prayed, not for God to get me out of my despair, figuring I was too far gone for God to waste time on me, but instead for wisdom…I wanted to know what was wrong and where I had been led away. I prayed to ANYONE listening…Because at that point I didn’t know what was what anymore. Once we forgot that Judaism is the antithesis of Christianity, we were vulnerable….On a whim (or as I believe, led by the spirit) I skimmed through the Holy book to see if even a fraction of what was missing was in there…To tell the truth, the book never made much sense before then, so I wasn’t really expecting much….But it was like a fog was lifted from the words. They rang out clearly and with purpose telling me who our people were, and why we are so hated….And of course who our enemy, the Anti-Christ, has been all along….Among us, subverting, corrupting, and destroying. I couldn’t put it down…

When I first set out to share what God had shown me, I was met with NOTHING but hostility….But the more I pressed forward and I tried, I met one, then another, and then on and on more and more who have awakened to the SAME KNOWLEGE on or around that same breadth of time as I did not by MY doing, but because God had called them with this knowledge as well….Like you, brother.

I was humbled, but a warmth came over me as well, as I realized that this was a gift being given freely to ALL our people who seek him out in earnest. God did this for OUR people, and it shows. There are still, of course, many lost…But while we may plant seeds of knowledge, God will call whom he will when he will. OF COURSE we must share the truth and the good news of the work of the cross where-ever and whenever possible. But not as any “mission” but only as an act of genuine love for the father (and hatred of the beast run world!) done unconditionally, without expecting in return, just as Christ did for us.

The Jews KNOW their lies are coming unraveled. No secret thing will stay secret, and so I expect they will get pretty desperate and very outwardly evil in the near future. We must prepare for that, and plant as many seeds as we can while we can.

I know now, that we CANNOT win this war without God, and we cannot rely on God unless he has our love as a people once more, which is the ONE THING these Jews fear above ALL ELSE! It’s the reason they killed so many Christians in Russia. Its why they blame Christians for their own atrocities…It’s why DHS now lists Christians higher on terror watch lists then Al Qeda. Now they are using disinformation to mislead many of our lost back into the Paganism that got us INTO trouble with God to begin with. That is…Those they fail to transform into Nihalistic athiests…

Our people need to be reminded that it was CHRISTIAN nations, not white nations without Christianity, that were always the most blessed and prosperous….FOR A REASON! And it’s the same reason Jews are frothing at the mouth in hatred of Christ and Christianity.

Keep spreading the truth, brother.

God bless and protect you and yours!

The purpose of this wall, allegedly, was to help keep Syrians out of the EU. However, no doubt the EU will continue to take in Syrian “migrants” despite the wall.

When Turkey builds a wall, it’s within its rights. When any White country wants a border wall, it’s racist.


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