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Can We Change The World
Can we change the world in a predictable way? We know the world changes, but it changes often in chaotic ways. It seems human beings are not fully in control of the change that occurs. Can we change things in a predictable way? Can we decide what changes we want and then bring them about? The answer depends on if we can secure our markets so as to pay for the changes we want and not have our designs usurped and corrupted by liberals and freeloaders.

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A Clear Path For Separatists
There are two different paths separatists can take. The conventional path is the legal route and the one usually taken. This path has been mapped out by the state. The legal route requires convincing a sizable percentage of the population to support separation. Then comes negotiating the terms of separation. A process in which the state has the advantage. The legal route to separation is time consuming, expensive and fraught with legal and organizational difficulties as it was designed to be. The other option is founded on security and property rights. https://youtu.be/0h2F9RcaISQ

The War Of The Rights
There are two bodies of rights, one natural the other legal. Legal rights have no foundation other than the right of the powerful to implement them. Legal rights are all about gaining access to the property of others. Freedom is the doctrine that allows people to start from a neutral position in which we are all free but those with power regulate that freedom, and in so doing systematically strip us of our property. This is what governments, the free market and BLM etc., are about. Power exists to strip people of property rights. Property rights are natural rights but they are not founded on law and they do not posit a state of freedom and they do not need the state to regulate them.

The War Of The Rights

The War Of The Rights

The issues that divide politicians and protesters alike are not issues solved either by protests or elections. Those who call for calm and reasoned debate and the mechanisms of the political process, have no idea what th...

The Bankruptcy Of Human Rights or, the end of progressivism
Social Positivism spells the end of Progressivism. The Progressive social agenda is inherently flawed. Progressive ideas about human rights are faulty. Progressive arguments for abortion are invalid. Social Positivism destroys the arguments of the Progressive Left including the flawed argument the left use to justify abortion. My body, my choice is a half truth at best and in no way warrants the wholesale slaughter of the unborn. https://logical-positivist.com..../blog/f/the-bankrupt

The Bankruptcy Of Human Rights Theory or the end of progressivism

The Bankruptcy Of Human Rights Theory or the end of progressivism

What is more obvious and taken for granted that human beings have rights? Doesn’t the American Constitution start out from a Preamble that declares that certain things are self-evident, that all persons have inalienable ...

Social Positivist is a mission to eliminate law through the use of natural rights. Positivists believe we own only what we create, and we have no claim on things created by others. To do unto others as you would have them do unto you is to give others their claims just as you would have them respect your right to what you created. This principle replaces all law.