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    If you want to fly through the sky on an Air France flight, before you want to book your ticket for booking, Air France provided a toll-free number for booking the flight and checking the flight status. Air France Reservations For information regarding Air France airline reservations, simply call the number above.

    Whenever you make a call and then your call is connected, the automated system will greet you like, Thanks for calling Air France, KLM, and Delta, here you need to select the language first, for English just press 1.

    If you call to check the status of the flights?
    Here you must give the option Yes or No.
    If it does NOT mean Good if you have a Flying Blue number, say so now, it is also possible to continue without it.
    If you didn't have the flying blue number, no problem, go ahead without that.
    And then, if you are the customer to book the ticket, surely now one last question, are you calling to buy a flight?
    Now you need to select the Yes option.
    Now you need to speak to a representative. Thank you, please wait while I transfer it to a representative. This call can be recorded, lower rates may be available on Air

    Talk to a representative about your query and get information.
    Make your Air France reservation and search for discounted Air France airline tickets.

    Visit the official Air France website at for the latest offers and promotions. This is the only authentic website where you can find all the relevant information about the reservations, the cost, and the different facilities.

    With the slogan "France is in the air", the company ranks as the largest European airline with 25.5% of the total market share in November 2004. It was also the largest airline in the world in terms of revenue. opening. They provide the best accommodation, thus proving to be the best in terms of hospitality. They are also a subsidiary of Air France-KLM.

    History of Air France

    The airline Air France was formed on October 7, 1983, from the merger of several airlines. The French government granted the company the management of the entire French air transport network in 1945. The following year, Air France appointed its first flight attendants. The airline's first air terminal opened the same year at Les Invalides in Paris. The airline merged with the Netherlands-based KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in 2003. The year 2017 saw a strategic partnership between Air France-KLM and several airlines, including Delta Air Lines, China Eastern Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

    Air France overview

    Air France is a subsidiary of the Air France-KLM group and also a founding member of the Sky Team global airline alliance. Headquartered in Roissypole, Charles de Gaulle Airport, and Tremblay-en-France, the company is based at Charles de Gaulle Airport and Orly Airport. As of 2013, the airline has 36 destinations in France and separated scheduled passengers and cargo worldwide to 168 destinations in 78 countries. The airline Air France operates fleets of Airbus and Boeing wide-body aircraft on long-haul routes while using Airbus A320 family aircraft on short-haul routes.

    Air France destination and hubs
    Air France airlines fly to about 36 domestic destinations and 168 international destinations in about 93 countries. These include the cargo and destination services served by various Air Corsica, City Jet, and HOP! However, most of Air France's international flights operate from Paris-Charles de Gaulle. The airline has several hubs, some of which are:

    Charles de Gaulle Airport: the largest intercontinental hub with around 335 daily departures.
    Orly Airport: Air France's second-largest hub, with 40 destinations worldwide.
    Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport: The third-largest hub, this airport serves 37 destinations in France and Europe.

    Air France Airlines Specialty
    Air France airlines are famous for their excellent hospitality. They offer a traveler program known as Flying Blue that awards members some points based on the miles they have traveled along with the class. Passengers can have free memberships for this program which is divided into three statues: Standard, Elite, and Elite Plus. Elite status can be earned by traveling a certain number of miles within a calendar year. They also offer a card called Club 2000 to some VIPs, celebrities, and politicians.

    Air France baggage allowance
    Passengers can have one checked baggage of 23 kg in Economy and two checked bags of 23 kg each in Economy Premium class. The business class allows travelers two suitcases of up to 32 kg each, while the more expensive class La Premiere allows three suitcases of 32 kg each.

    When it comes to the checked baggage size limit, the airline does not allow items that exceed 158 inches, including pockets, wheels, and handles. Your baggage item exceeds the weight limit, you must pay an additional amount at the airport.

    Air France Food and Beverages
    The food served depends on the type of trip, the destination, and the time of day.

    Air France airways food: passengers can purchase meals in Economy and Premium Economy cabins. The a la carte" meals offer a wide selection of meals.
    Air France Airways Beverages: The airline serves complimentary champagne to passengers of all classes on long-haul flights.
    Air France Special Meals: Special meals can be used on Air France airlines by prior request.

    Air France airline reservations
    Passengers can buy tickets online from the official Air France website or through any other online portal.
    They offer ticket options like-
    Book with a pass
    Flying Blue award ticket
    Trip to various cities
    Children alone, for a child traveling alone.
    Air France classes

    Air France has 4 different classes for long-distance international routes:

    The Premiere: is an Air France first-class product for long-haul flights that is available on select aircraft. The cabin has countless facilities and a la carte dining.

    Business: is available on all long-haul aircraft. This class has comparatively fewer facilities than La Premiere.

    Premium Economy: considering the price, the facilities available in this cabin are quite satisfactory.

    Economy: the cheapest tickets are available in this class. However, various features and facilities are also provided in the economy class.