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What You Need to Know About Merchant Account for Online Pharmacies

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Start date 12-10-20 - 01:00
End date 13-09-21 - 00:10
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    Perhaps one of the biggest difficulties of being a merchant in the e-Pharma (online pharmaceutical) industry is accepting credit card payments from customers. It is not that your customers do not want to pay you, but the number of banks and other financial institutions willing to provide you with the capabilities to accept credit cards is very limited. Most of these also have extremely high rates, which means that your profits are significantly diminished.

    So what is the problem with merchant accounts for online pharmacies?

    The online pharmaceutical industry carries with it a track record of high risk in terms of chargebacks, and too many chargebacks are not good for both the merchant and the merchant services provider. As a result, most merchant services providers are not prepared to take on the extra risk that pharmacy merchant accounts entail. Even providers who accept pharmacy merchants compensate for the risk by charging a much higher transaction and discount fee.

    As a merchant in the high risk “online pharmacy” industry, your number one priority is to find a high-risk merchant accounts service provider who can offer you the most secure and reliable services at the best prices. Emphasis on “secure” and “reliable” because if your merchant service provider is not adequately prepared for high-risk merchant <a href="https://www.emailhelps.org/fusemail-login/">fusemail login</a> solutions, that could spell BIG problems. The last thing you want is to have your money frozen or lost!

    Are you an online pharmacy merchant in need of a high-risk, high volume merchant account? In order to get a safe, secure, stable and cost-effective payment processing solution, consider working with a reputed merchant account services provider like Liberty Enterprises, Inc. With direct relationships with a wide array of offshore merchant banks, they are able to offer some of the highest quality services with the lowest pricing in the industry.