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Really? I can't still logs in because my fucking cp nbr is deactiavted, dead, invalid, because I forgot to use it.

So I go to email FreeUnits email address to let them know to update my cp nbr and what happens? Can't get through! Their email is fake, or dead. It's all bullshit! Fucking arseholes. I'm sick of this shit! Always same games from hearing people fucking around!


UUnit is a unique project aiming to create the next digital gold by building a distributed community for a new cryptocurrency. Unlike all the previous digital currencies, UUnits are distributed for free to grow the community and create value. As UUnits are free there is no risk to lose money, and only a name and email is required to join. However, the amount of UUnits distributed goes down for each new community member, so the earliest adopters have the highest potential reward.