The Christian Militia are Christian Soldiers enrolled in an army, God’s Army, fighting the battle of Spiritual Warfare that rages daily, and to restore the Law of God as the Supreme Law of the Land. TCM is a movement of Christians that were once considered the silent majority that have come out of their complacent shell to proclaim that “they will no longer remain silent”. We are Warriors fighting evil in the Army of God, dedicated at making the way for the Spirit of God to spread across our nation taking hold of all God fearing, freedom loving Texans and Americans, and make them aware of what is taking place in our country that threatens our freedom, our livelihood, and the futures of our children, and put in process an effect that stops the forward progression of an immoral, tyrannical government that is following an un-Biblical, manmade document that usurps God’s righteous law, and the out of control radicals that seek to destroy our Biblical values, beliefs, traditions, history, and ultimately, our country.
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