This is a group for people who are interested in seeing one Nation or even one World under God, according to the Bible; where every community has a set of male elders, who are the head of each household. These Elders meet at the "City Gates" to administer the Law of God, marry, divorce... The only Laws and Rules that no longer apply are the animal sacrifice laws, and temple laws, because Jesus / Yeshuah is and was the final sacrifice for our sins. These Laws are the Laws that God gave us, and the laws God says to follow, and are not the laws men made up. These Laws are listed at in a Free Downloadable PDF (not the ebook it's out of date currently) in plain English. Today in the USA there are many Muslim Communities, practicing and enforcing Shariah Law; therefore Christians who are sincere about following God's Laws should have the same right to constitute their own communities according to the Scriptures. We must "Petition" the US Government to allow us to have our Christian Courts and Communities. This will require: #1 Discussing the Christian Law Book, and getting it into it's final form. #2 Drafting a Petition on the US Government Website. #3 Making a Promotional YouTube Video to advertise the Petition, and get people to sign it. #4 Paying for the video to be advertised, and presented to the Christians in the 50 United States of America. If and when this Petition is approved by the US Government, we must find enough signers who are willing to constitute Christian Communities, in areas where the most interested parties are. Only those who live in, or travel to these Christian Communities will be subject to their jurisdiction, and or other Christian Communities, as the Bible requires each Christian Community to hold each other accountable, and to provide an alternative location for man slaughter cases. In support of our Petition is this May 4th 2017 Executive Order As well as years of history and practice of the Christian Courts, and the History of the Puritans. Other groups such as the Amish have enjoyed the right to obey the Lord, and uphold the Lord's Laws according to their beliefs as well. It's time that Christians have the same rights as other Religions, and a safe haven where: #1 The Death penalty exists, #2 The right to bear arms exists, #3 Rape, Murder, and other abominations are not tolerated, #4 Where Children can be brought up in the Word of God, and not forced to learn Common Core or other religions. The number of people who claim to be Christian, and desire to follow God's Laws seems to be a minority. To learn more please visit Fees for this website (just the Christian Courts section) are approximately $60 in 2019. Politicians are getting involved in Religion. They are insisting and insuring that Islam is brought into DC, and that people setting in power are Muslim, and Female for Equality and Cultural Diversity. The Government allows Shariah Law communities, and here in WA State they allow crime such as murder, rape, child molestation, and drug use to go unchecked. The State of California is trying to outlaw the Bible and any other books that speak out against Homosexuality. Both put us at risk. What says that these things are wrong, or that they put us at risk, or that we have any right to regulate or stop these crimes, or the Shariah Law? Religious Intolerance isn't enough to stop evil. There must be an unchanging (un legislated) standard that we can use to benchmark evil, and good, and to protect good people from evil. Today good people are defined as homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, pot heads, abortionists, Catholics, Muslims, and Liberals. Good and evil use to be defined by the Bible. When the ROMAN Empire fell, the statutes were so confusing, that they ditched them all and went back to the Bible, because it was the only thing that made sense. So like it or not, when Politics Collapses, and Good people are left, The Bible is the standard of Choice. The question is, does the US Government have to collapse, before it is corrected by the Bible? The choice is up to every day people like you. Get involved. Go to WWW.CHRISTIAN COURTS.COM
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