I have started a podcast regarding logic. LOGICAL MINDS ONLY. The first issue is Why Irrational Persons Never Lose An Argument, If you are rational and become frustrated at your inability to convince the left to abandon an illogical position this is a podcast for you. There are logical reasons why logic fails and as you might have guessed, the reason is logically impeccable. https://anchor.fm/robert-burk/....episodes/Why-Irratio

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Frustrated when arguing with someone and you realize no amount of logic will convince them their position is flawed? Why do irrational persons never give up their position once it has been adopted. The answer is simple and it has everything to do wit
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Dextarian is a right-wing site promoting business ownership as a revolutionary activity. The more business ownership increases, the less power the state and others have. It is through business ownership and the forcible shrinking of the public sector that the Right can pursue the Dextarian Revolution. https://dextarian.com/


"empowering the right through business ownership"
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Democracy Impedes Progress
The greatest impediment to progress in this world is democracy. Democracy is another kind of tyranny. If a nation or people progress it is not because of democracy but in spite of it. At best democracy might permit a nation to utilize a free market and there is a greater propensity for a nation that is governed by a democracy to permit a free market simply because there is very little benefit in not doing so, whereas an autocracy will see less personal benefit for the autocrat to permit even a marginally free market. The progress is more incidental to democracy than a direct result. The world needs to implement a free market and this is not directly the result of democracy and so democracy will always serve as an impediment to progress to some degree. https://vimeo.com/380697612

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Why Prayer Fails
Why have experiments meant to prove the validity of prayer not produced the expected results? What does it mean to pray in the name of Jesus. https://youtu.be/FnJXzLp5aK8


Labor creates the wealth, including our political jurisdictions. If it has value labor created it. We have the right to own it. Help enhance the value of labor.