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Plasma Cut Art
Prices depending on design and shipping ...But if you can dream a pattern we can Cut it in metal..maybe for Yard art, Wall art, Fence art or maybe as fence ..we can make you that perfect Wall art with your Family Motto or use my favorite one Grandkid's completes the circle my favorite..maybe a heart for each grandchild cut out or dangling down as a score maybe hang above your fireplace....ok maybe to large..but If you can dream it we can make iT. maybe a special made knife? Together your design and my Welder, Forge or Plasma cutter we would have fun.. we can make 3D Butterflies Flowers, Hearts, Names with wedding date or addresses maybe as as a gift, key holder with your name @each hook(lol good for that Guy..or a Towel Hook with your name cut out so they will stop using your towel.) ( I personally love that idea)..can make rustic or paint your choice of color..lets talk and see what we can create together..xo Much Love Porter