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Why Are You Anti Nuclear? A Discourse On Ignorant Activism 11-17-2019 | Organic Slant

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Are you aware that Fukushima has NEVER Stopped it's relentless assault on the world? It's true! All 1,946 isotopes of radioactive death & destruction for 8 years & counting.
Why haven't you heard about these?
The nuke industry has a 90% rule so if they can't deny it (which they do) then they minimize the health effects by 90%.
That's why!
We the people have to watch out for ourselves - Big Brother isn't going to do it & actually helps the nuke industry cover it up by raising safe limits - importing foods that otherwise would be rejected as too radioactive & by using the media to subdue you into zombies who never question their crimes.

See #yrtw for the latest rad counts in a city near you & remember to dodge the rad because it's dangerous out there!

#wecanseeradiation #stopthemadness #silentweaponsforquietwars #omnicide

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