Canadian Community Project INC. Who are we? What do we have to offer and why? let’s make change by standing together The basic idea is simple, we buy up farmland or are given crown land from the government. We will build communities on this land. That will offer serval training programs to help people get back on their feet. We also will offer healing setup as lots of people will come to us broken so we can help them back up, teach them the basic and show them someone still cares about them. The different programs we would offer to start with is as follows: Agriculture Livestock Management Cooking Carpentry Electrical Plumbing Framing Water Works Management Aquaponics Green Houses Management All areas are always in desperate need of workers. Now we also offer training as well for people who wish to stay and help others as times goes on. Well, people are on site and taking training housing, food, clothing, and the basics of life will be provided. From the top of the organization to the bottom everyone is a volunteer. Now a worker outside of the communities can be compensated for the basics so they can do their job from rent to mortgage, food, clothing car gas and the basics of life. For the training program, people would work for 20+ hours a week. This would also depend if they are over 65 and retired or have disabilities that would prevent them from working the same amount of hours during the week. We would get the elders to teach if the wished to share their knowledge and experience. Canadian Community Project INC. The training program is offered to people who are: Unemployed Social services Disability War veterans Homeless People on minimum wage. Joining the program Anyone who has addiction problems would go through rehab first, where we would be able to take them into our program. We would offer healing for those who are broken, after treatment program for people who want to stay clean. For those who don’t have addiction problems would be brought into the community. They also would go through healing program. How is CCP going to fund the programs long term? When we are training people in the several areas we would also be mass producing food and other products to help keep the program funded so we hopefully would not need to rely on government long-term for funding. This would provide better quality food and a great price for locals and local markets. Through the Aquaponic Greenhouse of 10 acres 50,000 pounds of food daily at say $1.00 per pound would be. $18,250,000. Yearly per community. With 1000 bee hives we not only can produce a tasty treat but we can help ensure that bees continue to survive and flourish. Each hive can produce up to 30 pounds a week. We would have a good 26 weeks a year our side of the aquaponic greenhouses. That is of average 780 pounds of honey a year per hive. With 1000 hives times it by 780 pounds =780,000. pounds of honey a year. At $5 a pound that is $3,900,000. a year on honey alone. We would also be producing green energy Livestock and production of meat Permanente members and temporary members. All temporary members have the right to stay after they are finished their training for at least one year. We estimate that 80% to 90% would stay and become permanent members. This would take a huge burden financially off the system. 100% Green Community’s All communities will run off of green energy such as solar and wind. Everything would be recycled, reused or composted. If we take trees to build with we will replant them within a year’s time. We also would work on making biofuel to help reduce our carbon footprint. Every Community Will run off of a 4-pillar system. 1.The Governing Council 2.The legal Council 3.The Spiritual Council 4.The Career Counsellor Elections would be held every 5 years for all councils. Once elected, a council member could not run again for 10 years after the election date. So they would skip an election in order to give all community members who wish to run for election an opportunity to do so. Why do we work so hard for this program? Most of our administration have either been homeless at one point in their life and knows how hard it is to get back up on our feet. Some of us have had addiction problems in the past or have had lots of family members brother, sister, kids fall into addictions. Our hope in doing this is to help others get back up and make the world a better place. We may not be able to bring our loved ones back but we can help others bring their loved one’s home someday. You can donate through PayPal the link is in the big donation button below or on your right. you can also E-transfer a donation to and just email the password to the same email address. CCP Classic For donation and token exchange For mailing a donation please send to: Canadian Community Project INC. Box 157 Lanigan S.K. S0K2MO Thank you and God Bless you all for the great things you are helping us accomplish by donating to our program.
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