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Pathways to Resonance
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Electric we are and the places we reside. Everything moving vibrating just so. Nature moving, flowing as it has done for millennia. Energy ebbing and flowing to its own dance. It is inside this we are the same. Through our experiences, pains and joys we interact with this electric universe as unique, yet inseparable individuals. Ours, the task to become the creator of change. For the gifts given to each should not be wasted. Pathways to Resonance Articles published in a series of books. These, consumed as the reader decides best suits. A daily read, weekly quite time, once in a while consideration. Each will resonate with the individual differently depending on the pressures, joys and experiences in the moment. In this world lives can be changed, resonance lifted, life experienced in a new way. May your time invested in these articles cause you to see the world in a new way. To see the Joy, Love, Acceptance, Tolerance anew. May they help you rise above